What does enlistment mean?

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What does enlistment mean?

Definitions of term of enlistment. a period of time spent in military service. synonyms: duty tour, enlistment, hitch, tour, tour of duty.

What does getting enlisted mean?

To be “enlisted” in the military, means that an individual has successfully gone through the process of becoming a soldier and has taken an oath of U.S. military service. The enlistment process will usually begin with speaking with a military recruiter and visiting a Military Entrance Processing Station.

What does enlist mean in writing?

to enroll, usually voluntarily, for military service: He decided to enlist in the Marines. to enter into some cause, enterprise, etc. verb (used with object)

What term means to enlist in the military?

If you’re ever drafted into the army, then you could be called a conscript, someone who is forced to join the military. As a verb, conscript means “force to join,” like a military that conscripts new soldiers. In contrast, those who choose to join are recruited; when they enter the service, they enlist.

Do I get to have input concerning where I will be stationed?

No you don’t have any input, at the beginning your recruiter will place you where they are in need of position filled.

What is the difference between being drafted and enlisted?

As adjectives the difference between drafted and enlisted is that drafted is (nautical) of a certain depth required to float (said of a vessel); used comparatively with shallow, deep, etc while enlisted is belonging to the military, but not as a commissioned officer.

What type of verb is enlist?

1[intransitive, transitive] to join or to make someone join the armed forces synonym draft They both enlisted in 1915.

Can you be forced to join Marines?

You must: To enlist, you must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien. Meet exacting physical, mental and moral standards.

What is the meaning of the word enlistment?

enlistment noun (JOINING ARMY) [ C or U ] the action of accepting someone into the armed forces or of joining the armed forces: the enlistment of thousands of men into the army

What does the oath of enlistment in the military mean?

Immediately I thought to myself, the oath is a major part of who we are in the military. It forms the bedrock of what we stand for and are willing to fight for. But I wonder if some of us who say those words that form the oath fully embrace what they mean and do we let them guide our military service.

What are the rules for enlisting in the Army?

The Army is tightening its tattoo standards, a departure from the relaxed rules used to boost enlistment during the Iraq War. He had an earlier, pre- enlistment arrest on a firearms charge as well as a decade-long history of psychiatric problems. Psychiatrists deferred enlistment for more than 1.7 million men before training began.

Why was there an executive order on enlistment?

Although the executive order halted further discharges on the basis of gender identity, the directive didn’t explicitly address enlistment s or access to transition-related care, such as gender reassignment surgery. He also worried that enlistment terms would soon run out on several thousand of his soldiers, siphoning away his strength.


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