How do you write an extensive experience on a resume?

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How do you write an extensive experience on a resume?

If you’ve used the phrase ‘extensive experience’ in relation to the industry you’re working in, for example, ‘extensive experience in engineering’, you should cut this phrase from your CV altogether as the recruiter will see this from your employment history section.

What is a synonym for a lot of experience?

n. 1 contact, doing, evidence, exposure, familiarity, involvement, know-how (informal) knowledge, observation, participation, practice, proof, training, trial, understanding.

What is another word for experience with?

What is another word for experience?

exposure familiarity
inclination taste
contact with exposure to
familiarity with participation in
involvement with

What is another synonym for extensive?

pervasive, huge, lengthy, large-scale, comprehensive, protracted, major, voluminous, large, broad, sweeping, considerable, vast, expanded, wide-ranging, all-inclusive, big, blanket, boundless, capacious.

How do you say rich experience?

»broad expertise exp. »considerable expertise exp. »great expertise exp. »long-standing experience exp.

What qualifies as extensive experience?

Extensive experience means the most advanced degree of experience likely to be found. The work calls for complete mastery and understanding of the subject. This level is generally attained through six or more years of experience in a relevant field of work.

What is the synonym experience?

undergo, encounter, meet, have experience of, come into contact with, run into, come across, come up against, face, be faced with, confront, be forced to contend with. feel, know, become familiar with. go through, live through, sustain, suffer, endure, tolerate. participate in, taste, try. seachanger.

What type of word is extensive?

In the nature of an extent, wide, widespread.

What is the best synonym for extensive?

synonyms for extensive

  • comprehensive.
  • huge.
  • large-scale.
  • lengthy.
  • major.
  • pervasive.
  • protracted.
  • voluminous.

What is an extensive work experience?

Definition of Extensive experience. Extensive experience means having worked in a relevant field for sufficient time to ensure ability to control and advise on the full range of activities and to be expert in terms of a wide variety of special, unusual or complex features of the work.

What is another word for “with full knowledge”?

Synonyms for with full knowledge include knowingly, consciously, deliberately, wittingly, intentionally, purposely, willfully, designedly, purposefully and wilfully

What is another word for have experience of?

Synonyms for have experience of include know, experience, face, endure, feel, suffer, undergo, taste, confront and encounter. Find more similar words at!

What is another word for experienced person?

Synonyms for experienced person include old hand, veteran, doyen, expert, professional, adept, artist, authority, connoisseur and genius. Find more similar words at

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