Do rubber expansion freeze plugs work?

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Do rubber expansion freeze plugs work?

Re: Anyone used rubber plugs in place of metal freeze plugs? They work well. Several of them in my 67 Cougar right now. Just make sure they are all the way in before you tighten them down.

Do freeze plugs expand?

This is what happens when a freeze plug fails to pop and the water in the block expands. When that happens, the water expands. If you are lucky, it will only push out a freeze plug or two. Once the water melts, the coolant will start to leak from the freeze plug.

Are expansion plugs the same as freeze plugs?

If you look on the side of an engine block you will see a line of circular depressions about an inch and a half in diameter and about a quarter of an inch deep. These are actually holes in the side of the engine block which are plugged with a dish shaped metal plug called a “freeze plug” or “expansion plug”.

Why are expansion freeze plugs used?

Freeze plugs were originally used to protect engines from cold-related damage. If the coolant inside an engine freezes, it may cause the block to crack. Water expands as it freezes, and the pressure created by this expansion can cause cracks to form. Freeze plugs fail by popping out.

How tight should a freeze plug be?

if you use the rubber plug it should be real close to fitting without tightening, then tighten just to hold it in the block. also a good rule of thumb is if the motor has steel plugs in it and one rusted though….the rest aren’t far behind.

What happens if freeze plug goes?

If you have a bad freeze plug, your vehicle will leak coolant. If you have a slow cooling system leak that comes and goes, you may have a pinhole freeze leak.

Do freeze plugs go bad?

If you have water or coolant leaking from the side of your engine or between the engine & transmission, you most likely have a bad freeze plug. Sometimes the hole in the freeze plug is very small, and can periodically be blocked by debris from the cooling system.

Can you drive a car with a bad freeze plug?

If you have no other option, you may be able to drive with a bad freeze plug. As long as you keep your engine coolant full and your engine never gets hot, you could limp your car along with a leaking freeze plug although we never recommend it. It’s messy and at any point could leak to your engine overheating.

Do you need a freeze plug Expansion Kit?

Expansion & Freeze Plug Kits. Melling expansion / freeze plug kits provide an efficient way to supply the plug requirements to complete your engine rebuild. Melling offers convenient bagged coverage for most domestic and import engine applications.

What to do if freeze plugs stick out?

Expanding rubber plugs fixed it. The expanding rubber expansion plugs work extremely well, in most applications. Real problem with high performance engine is the fact the they stick out like a sore thumb and they ARE ugly. These plugs are used extensively in heavy duty diesel engines as a permanent fix.

How many freeze plugs do you need from Melling?

Melling offers individual engine plugs in boxes of 10 or 25 for engine builders who require specific plugs in large quantities. Each bulk pack contains high quality expansion/freeze plugs needed in specific dimensions to complete the job.

Why do I need a freeze plug in my engine?

Expansion plugs, or freeze plugs, are built into your vehicle’s engine block to prevent damage due to freezing. If the coolant to water ratio in your engine is not high enough, it is possible that fluid can freeze inside the block’s water jackets in cold weather. When water freezes, it expands, which can crack or otherwise damage your block.

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