What is the cutoff for sastra?

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What is the cutoff for sastra?

For sastra there is no Cutoff and no minimum percentile required. Total 165 marks. And Out of 165 marks what is your marks based on that they will give the seat.

What rank should I get to get CSE in sastra?

You can apply for any stream. To get CSE in Sastra University your rank must be under 500 in stream 1 or 2 . Though the cut-off rank varies every year , still you should have a rank under 500 to definitely get CSE in Sastra University. According to your percentile, your rank in JEE MAINS is going to be above 1,00,000.

Is Jee compulsory for sastra?

Tech. programmes at SASTRA for which 25% weightage will be given along with the +2 marks for which the weightage given is 75%. This is for 70% of the total seats. They need to enter their JEE (Main) scores, whatever the scores are.

How is sastra rank calculated?

Every seat is allocated on basis of rank given by sastra which is calculated by 75% of board mark and 25% of JEE marks.

Is SASTRA better than Vit?

Sastra has been ranked among the top engineering colleges in India as it has good infrastructure, placements and faculty. VIT chennai is also a good one but not better than the VIT vellore campus as it is more reputed than this. Otherwise, among VIT chennai and Sastra, you may go for Sastra University.

Is SASTRA better than SRM?

Sastra has good SAP opportunities when compared to SRM. 2 . Sastra and SRM has equal Placement opportunities. Scholarships are offered at SASTRA and they value your academics.

Is Sastra good for CSE?

Yes, you can join Sastra university in CSE branch. It has AAAA+ rating which means outstanding. It has good placement record.

How are placements at Sastra?

In SASTRA University Placement 2020 more than 2400 students were placed, that is 70% of the batch. The highest, lowest & average packages offered were INR 28.5 LPA, INR 9.3 LPA & INR 3.6 LPA respectively.

Is Sastra better than Vit?

How many seats are in a Sastra 2020?

SASTRA shall allot 30% of its total B. Tech. seats to students from Trichy & Thanjavur for the year considering COVID-19 pandemic….Sastra University MBA Admission 2021.

Duration 2 years
Basic Admission Criteria CAT/XAT/CMAT Score
Seats 120
Ranked 90 by Outlook MBA

Which branch is best in Sastra?

Although all the branches are good, but according to placements in the past few years, the top 5 branches in Sastra University are as follows:

  • Tech CSE.
  • Tech in Information and Communication Technology.
  • Tech ECE.
  • Tech Mechanical.
  • Tech Aerospace.

Is Sastra better than Amrita?

Sastra is good when you scored good in JEE and in your higher secondary. Amrita is good when scored less in JEE and cleared AIEEE. Sastra is good when you don’t want to spend much on studies. Amrita is good when you think environment and infrastructure is important.

What is the previous year closing cut off marks in Sastra?

It’s just ranks no specific cut offs. If you are from TN you need to be within 700 ranks to make sure that everything is available for you in stream 1. As far as stream 2 you need to score above 97% to get a core group but finally it’s based on rank. ALL THE BEST!!

What is the cutoff rank for admission at SASTRA University?

Strictly speaking the admission is mainly dependent on board marks as it carries the major weightage. In 2018 it is 988/1000 for AP board while in 2017 it is 985/1000 the competition is neck to neck even a single mark will decide your fate.

Which is the best scholarship for SASTRA University?

Ans. SASTRA University offers scholarship opportunities to students who are economically backward. Scholarship is offered to a sum of minimum 35000 per year and it varies according to the economical background of students. Scholarships are also offered to meritorious students who perform well in academics.

How to pay SASTRA University application fee online?

The Application fee that is INR 600 can be paid online through Credit/Debit cards or through Net Banking. For Offline Submission mode, DD of INR 650 can be made in favour of SASTRA University and sent along with the form. How likely are you to recommend collegedunia.com to a friend or a colleague?

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