What do you get for hosting a 31 party?

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What do you get for hosting a 31 party?

Thirty One Party Hostess Rewards For a minimum of $200 in Thirty One Party Sales, you get $25 worth of free Thirty one products, one item for half the price off, and a chance to purchase one product exclusive to hostesses.

What is a Thirty-One insider exclusive?

As a Thirty-One Insider, you earn rewards by sharing what you love about Thirty-One products with others. When you get your friends to shop, they get great stuff and you get great rewards!

What is Thirty-One gift?

What is Thirty-One Gifts? Thirty-One Gifts is a faith-based company offering you the opportunity to own your own home business, purchase unique, personalized products or host a party and earn FREE items. We offer women an amazing opportunity to become successful business owners.

What are insider rewards?

Insider Rewards Insiders are rewarded cosmetics and currency, credited to the player’s public client, as incentives to test new builds. Earning a reward requires a total of 1 hour playtime per week, beginning every Friday at 00:00 (midnight) local UK time.

How much does it cost to be a 31 consultant?

Consultants will also be charged a monthly subscription fee, currently $16.95 plus applicable tax, covering the cost of a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers….U.S. Thirty-One Gifts LLC Income Disclosure Statement 2020.

Consultant Yearly Income2 % of all Consultants3,4
$100,000+ Less than 0.1%

How do you get paid with Thirty-One?

Consultants are paid twice monthly. Commission from orders and parties from the 1st -15th of the month is paid on the 25th of the same month and commission from orders and parties from the 16th – end of month is paid on the 10th of the following month.

How much does a 31 Consultant make?

Consultants earn 25% commission on their qualifying sales from day one. Your earning potential is dependent upon how much you sell. By promoting to Director level, you can earn bonuses and up to 35% commission when you meet specific requirements.

How do you get insider rewards?

To thank you for your efforts, you’ll receive rewards every week that you play the Insider build. You will need to play for an hour to be credited for that given week at which point you will get an in-game notification telling you to head back into the main Sea of Thieves game to enjoy your spoils.

Can you play Sea of Thieves insider with friends?

Yes you can join up with your family and friends on any ship to test out the sea of what is yet to come and may be. Just like you can on the sea you sail now. You can choose your ship and crew. The more the merrier.

Who are the consultants for thirty one gifts?

With a qualifying party, Insiders can earn discounts, free products, exclusive items and credits that can be redeemed to purchase Thirty-One products. Consultants are independent business owners authorized to sell Thirty-One products for a commission.

How much do you get for an insider gift?

Insider Exclusives and Insider Rewards are available to Insiders with qualifying party totals of $200 or more. Number of Insider Exclusives you can purchase and number of free and/or half-price items you can receive depends on your qualifying party total.

Do you get paid for selling thirty one products?

You can start selling Thirty-One products and earning 25% commission the same day that you sign up! Commission is paid twice per month. Details about commission payments are available to Consultants in the Consultant Guidebook.

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