Why does my pee feel incomplete?

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Why does my pee feel incomplete?

Incomplete bladder emptying occurs when the muscles of the bladder are not able to squeeze properly to empty the bladder. This can happen in cases where there may have been nerve or muscle damage, perhaps caused by injury, surgery, or disease such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Spina Bifida.

What happens if urinary retention is not treated?

If urinary retention is not treated, your bladder may become stretched too far or for long periods. When stretched too far or for too long, the muscles in your bladder may become damaged and no longer work correctly. Kidney damage.

What is the meaning of retention of urine?

Urinary retention is a condition where your bladder doesn’t empty all the way or at all when you urinate. Your bladder is like a storage tank for urine. Urine is made up of waste that’s filtered out of your blood by your kidneys.

What causes urinary retention and incomplete bladder emptying?

Urinary retention and incomplete bladder emptying can result from urethral obstruction (such as in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia), shy bladder syndrome, or detrusor areflexia (acontractility of the bladder due to an abnormality of nervous control).

What are the symptoms of acute urinary retention?

The symptoms of acute urinary retention are often severe and can include abdominal pain and the inability to urinate, whereas chronic urinary retention may cause few or no symptoms. When should I see a health care professional?

What can be done about chronic urinary retention?

Chronic urinary retention. This is serious, as the treatment for overactivity is basically to “calm the bladder down” with pharmaceuticals – which, of course, increases the level of retention. Your health provider may use an ultra sound or measure residual urine after catheterization to be sure you are not experiencing retention.

Is there such thing as an incomplete bladder?

Retention can almost be seen as the opposite of incontinence – the issue here is incomplete bladder emptying or problems emptying in general. The inability to empty the bladder completely can have many causes, which are generally divided into acute urinary retention and chronic urinary retention.

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