How can I get free cell phone service for life?

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How can I get free cell phone service for life?

Lifeline is a government benefit program that offers eligible customers FREE cell phone service every month. You must participate in federal programs such as Medicaid and SNAP, or by income in order to qualify for this FREE benefit.

Can you have 2 government phones?

FCC rule change allows more than one free government cell phone per household. In plain English, that means one household can now qualify for multiple free government cell phones. This solves one of the primary problems the Lifeline program has created for needy Americans.

How do you get free cell phone service?

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service. Signing up for free cell phone service through the Lifeline program is simple: Find a provider in your state: In the next section, you’ll find a list of all Lifeline carriers along with the states in which they operate.

What cell phones does SafeLink offer?

The company offers phones from several retailers, including Nokia, Motorola, LG and Kyocera. The type of phone Safelink Wireless customers are offered depends on where in the country they live and which minute plan they choose. The Safelink Wireless website reports that Tracfone offers a range of models from the Motorola C139 to the Motorola 376g.

What is the free government cell phone Lifeline program?

The government program known as Lifeline provides free government cell phone service with free monthly talk, text and Data for those people receiving government assistance or with lower incomes. Lifeline is providing a key service for those that normally wouldn’t have access to cell phone service.

What you should know about Lifeline telephone service?

Lifeline is a Federal assistance program which provides a financial subsidy in order to make it more affordable for low-income families and households to maintain basic telephone service. If you believe that you may qualify for this service, you should contact your current home phone or cell phone service supplier.

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