How can I easily pass CA?

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How can I easily pass CA?

But you can conquer your fears and anxiety attacks and achieve your goals if you focus and follow our 9 easy tips to crack the CA exams.

  1. Manage your Time:
  2. Daily Study:
  3. Self Evaluate:
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice:
  5. Divide and Revise:
  6. Mock Exams:
  7. Be healthy:
  8. Say bye to www:

How can I crack CPT exam?

Quick Tips to clear CPT

  1. *The 4 textbooks and the 30 model papers you get from the ICAI are enough for your preparation.
  2. *In Accounting, practice is as important as theory.
  3. *Mercentile Law is the most scoring subject after Accounts.
  4. *Economics is generally considered easier than other subjects.

Is CA CPT Exam tough?

The CPT exam is extremely tough, but with enough practice, you should be able to pass it. The CA journey is long and hard, but if you have the dedication, you can sail through the tough exams and strenuous articleship, and on towards a bright future.

How many hours does CA work?

The working hours for the articled assistants shall be 35 hours in a week excluding the lunch break. The office hours of the Principal for providing article training to the articled assistants shall not be generally before 9.00 A.M. or after 7.00 P.M.

Are there any good question papers for CA CPT?

By solving these question papers candidates learn to manage time to write the actual exam of CA CPT. Questions that trick candidates while giving the exam tend to consume a lot of time. By solving previous years’ question papers candidates can learn to solve such questions or get accustomed to solving them.

Which is the best way to prepare for CA CPT 2021?

In order to make sure that the preparation process for CA CPT 2021 is going good, candidates should solve the CA CPT previous years’ question papers. Previous years’ question papers of CA CPT will give candidates a good idea of the exam pattern of CA CPT.

How to pass CA exam in first attempt?

11 Best tips to pass CA Exam In first Attempt 1. Do not depends wholly on your teacher, make your own concept of study always remember that after passing the exams,… 2. Give more stress on understanding learning rather than learning this help you pass ca exam. CA IPCC & FINAL CHAPTER… 3. Believe

How many sessions are there in ca CPT exam?

The exam is conducted in two sessions. Each session of CA CPT comprises two sections belonging to two subjects. The exam is conducted in offline mode only. This year, the exam is set to be conducted in 195 centres across India. The exam will also be conducted in 5 centres overseas.

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