Is Blackarachnia and Airachnid the same?

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Is Blackarachnia and Airachnid the same?

Also regarding the Japanese dub, Airachnid is played by Ryōka Yuzuki, the actress who dubbed Beast Wars Blackwidow and Animated Blackarachnia. As such, many of the quirks she conceived for those characters (such as a habit of making a hissing tshaaa— noise) are present.

Is Airachnid an Insecticon?

Airachnid can control Insecticons with her mind. It is possible that Airachnid herself is an Insecticon as she claimed she was of one mind with them and Wheeljack would later state that all Insecticons are bound by a single mind.

What happened to Airachnid?

Since Arcee didn’t know the coordinates, Airachnid killed Tailgate. She was about to kill Arcee as well when Bumblebee and Cliffjumper rescued her. Airachnid retreated and disappeared.

Who is the spider Decepticon?

Blackarachnia is a Decepticon and later Predacon from the Animated continuity family. Welcome to Goth Talk! In another life, she was Elita-1, an energetic, spunky Autobot Academy cadet. That was until a fateful trip to Archa Seven, where her teammates abandoned her to a horde of alien spiders.

Are tailgate and cliffjumper brothers?

Part of the fourth wave of Prime Series 2 Cyberverse Legion Class toys, Autobot Tailgate is a redeco of Cliffjumper, transforming into a white and blue muscle car resembling a Dodge Challenger.

Who killed tailgate primes?

Tailgate was Arcee’s partner on Cybertron during the Great War. He was captured and killed by Airachnid, which led to Arcee’s shellshocked trauma.

Did the rock voice Cliffjumper?

Transformers: Prime

Transformers character
Voiced by Steve Blum (War for Cybertron video game) Nolan North (Fall of Cybertron video game) Dwayne Johnson (Prime TV series, 1st appearance), Billy Brown (Prime TV series, 2nd appearance)
In-universe information
Affiliation Autobot

Who are the 7 primes?

Dynasty of Primes: Seven unamed Primes, Megatronus Prime/The Fallen, Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Prima (leader), Bendybus Prime. Guiding Hand: Primus (leader), Mortilus, Solomus, Epistemus and Adaptus.

Who is Airachnid and what does she do?

Airachnid (エアラクニッド, Earakuniddo ), is both a fictional character and antagonist of the DC series. She is a rogue Eukarian torture expert, mnemosurgeon, and alien collecting Transformer. She used to be with the Decepticons long ago, where her cruel, cold-sparked, murderous demeanor served her well.

What does the name Airachnid mean in Transformers?

The name or term “Airachnid” refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Airachnid (disambiguation). Airachnid is a Decepticon or Eukarian from the Generation 1 continuity family.

What was the shape of Airachnid’s head in Sleeping Beauty?

The shape of Airachnid’s head is very similar to the head structure of Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. As a Terrorcon, she appeared to have more control on herself unlike Cylas whom, upon transformed into a Terrorcon, was reduced into mindless beast.

Where did Airachnid go before she went solo?

Long ago, Airachnid was with the Decepticons, where her cruel, cold-sparked, murderous demeanor served her well. After the Great Exodus of Cybertron, however, she decided to go solo.

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