How do you go back a save on Sims 3?

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How do you go back a save on Sims 3?

Open My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves. Locate the files relating to the save you want to restore – there should be two, and they will have the name that you gave your save.

How do you fix Sims 3 not saving?

Re: cant save my sims 3

  1. go to documents : electronicarts : sims3 : saves.
  2. find Sunsetvalley. sims3 and rename it (right click — rename) to Sunsetvalley. sims3. 123.
  3. find Sunsetvalley. sims3. backup and rename it to Sunsetvalley. sims3.
  4. Launch the game.

Where are my saved Sims 3?

In The Sims 3, your saved game data is always located in the C:\Users\\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder (This folder is C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 in Windows XP).

How do I save my Sims 3 House to bin?

In case you want to move the house into another location, you need to save the house into the Lots And Houses bin.

  1. Click on the marker of the house.
  2. Press the “Save copy to bin…” button (the button has a file folder with an arrow pointing into it) in the house’s info panel.

How do you fix a serious error on Sims 3?

Re: ‘A serious error has occurred’

  1. “Find the sims 3 saves folder usually in Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Saves.
  2. Then find the one that is a sims3.
  3. Change the name of the most recent one to Sunset Valley.

Why does Sims 3 take so long to save?

Re: My Sims 3 game takes too long to save Do you have a lot of CC/Mods in your game? If so, try uninstalling some and see if that makes a difference. Check how big your save files are too – Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saves then the name of the world you’re playing.

What does error code 12 mean in Sims 3?

Error code 12 is a Sims 3 issue that arises when users try to save games. This error appears due to insufficient RAM available to save games. Consequently, Sims 3 displays this error message, An unexpected error has occurred while saving: Error Code 12. So, players can’t save their games when error code 12 arises.

Can I transfer my Sims 3 to another computer?

Re: Moving a Sims 3 game I created in one computer to another computer. you’ll find your save game (it’s a folder) in there. Copy this folder to an external drive or a memory stick and place it to the same path on your other computer.

Can you transfer your Sims 3 save to another PC?

Re: How to play saved game on different computer Navigate to your saves on the first computer – in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves. Copy the required save onto your USB device. Plug USB into second computer and copy save file into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves.

Can you save a house on Sims 3?

Saving the household only will save a perfect copy of all family members. If you only have a few lavish items your Sims would like to keep, move them into the family inventory and bring them along. The rest will be sold and go toward the family’s starting cash balance in the new town.

Can you copy houses in Sims 3?

User Info: jukari. Yes, you can evict the Sim, without the house, then the house will be empty, then you should be able to export the house into your empty lots, and then you’ll have a copy of it in the lots, you can then move your sim back into the house.

How do I fix Sims Medieval?

Click on your stuck Sim, whilst holding down Shift. Click Object, and then Force Reset. This should enable you to move your character as before. Save and quit your game, and then go to the menu and exit out.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for saving Sims 4?

You don’t really need to manually save the game as it does auto save. Autosaves in TS4 are useless. You need to save, or you might go sim days or even weeks without getting an autosave depending on what you do. It doesn’t automatically save at certain intervals or when game-changing things happen, like an autosave should.

What do the shorcuts do in Sims 3?

This is an extensive list of shorcuts for your The Sims 3 game. The shorcuts are the keyboard commands that your can use to save your time and launch fastly a corresponding feauture of your game without, for example, going to the game menu to use some additional functions of your game. The shorcuts are also called hot keys.

How do you save a game in Sims 3?

That sucks! To Save Sims 3 When the screen has crashed. You press command Q and then a box will pop up asking if you want to save before exiting. Click Save and then your game will save. Hope it works for you.

What are the shortcuts for the camera in Sims 3?

Camera Controls 1 Tile Camera: [Control] + Right Click or Middle Click (hold) 2 Zoom In/Out: [+] / [-] or [Z] / [X] or Mouse Wheel (up and down) 3 Move Camera: Right Click (Hold and Drag) 4 Save Camera Positions 0-5: [Control] + [4] through [Control] + [9] 5 Scroll To Camera Positions 0 through 5: [4] through [9]

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