What does the elephant tusks on the Coat of Arms mean?

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What does the elephant tusks on the Coat of Arms mean?

wisdom, strength
Elephant tusks – symbolise wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity. The ears of wheat – in the oval shape formed by the tusks – symbolise fertility, growth and the development of potential, the nourishment of people and the agricultural aspects of the Earth. The shield – the shape of the gold shield is drum-like.

What does the secretary bird on the Coat of Arms symbolize?

The secretary bird A powerful bird whose legs – depicted as the spear and knobkierie – serve it well in its hunt for snakes symbolising protection of the nation against its enemies. It is a messenger of the heavens and conducts its grace upon the earth, in this sense it is a symbol of divine majesty.

What does the Springbok symbolism?

For black South Africans under white minority rule during the apartheid era, the Springbok or “Bok” emblem was a symbol of oppression. After the demise of apartheid, the new government was intent on doing away with the emblem.

What are the three national symbols of South Africa?

National symbols

  • National flower: King protea.
  • National tree: Real yellowwood.
  • National animal: Springbok.
  • National fish: Galjoen.
  • National bird: Blue crane.

What is the motto of South Africa?

diverse people unite
The motto. The motto is: ! ke e: /xarra //ke, written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people, literally meaning diverse people unite. It addresses each individual effort to harness the unity between thought and action.

What is the name of the national bird of South Africa?

Blue crane
Blue crane – Anthropoides paradisia.

What are the symbols of the South Africa coat of arms?

All the elements of the Coat of Arms combine to form the lower and upper oval shapes forming a symbol of infinity. From the tusks to the rising sun the shape formed is that of the cosmic egg from which the secretary bird emerges. Symbolically, it implies the rebirth of the spirit of our great and heroic nation of South Africa.

Where does the secretary bird stand on the South African Coat of arms?

The secretary bird is placed above the protea and the flower forms the chest of the bird. The secretary bird stands with its wings uplifted in a regal and uprising gesture. The distinctive head feathers of the secretary bird crown a strong and vigilant head.

Where are the spear and knobkierie on the South African Coat of arms?

Above the shield are placed a spear and a knobkierie, crossed in a single unit. These elements are arranged harmoniously to give focus to the shield and complete the lower oval shape of foundation. Immediately above the oval shape of foundation, is the visual centre of the Coat of Arms, a protea.

Why is the Protea the national bird of South Africa?

The protea symbolises the holistic integration of forces that grows from the earth and are nurtured from above. The most popular colours of Africa have been assigned to the protea – green, gold, red and black. The secretary bird is characterised in flight, the natural consequence of growth and speed. It is the equivalent of the lion on earth.

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