Is stradalli a good bike brand?

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Is stradalli a good bike brand?

Miami-based online direct-to-consumer brand Stradalli has earned a reputation for well-designed bikes (both on- and off-road) with excellent components, at prices lower than the competition.

Where are stradalli bikes made?

Proud luddite. Pretty sure Stradalli’s factory is in China, not Florida.

What is an open mold frame?

An open mold is one that’s “open” – it doesn’t have a top; the sort of mold used for car hoods. Bike frames are made in clamshell molds, made in two halves. The correct term for “open mold” is “open design”. (“Public- or “common-mold” are also used.)

Who makes VeloBuild?

VeloBuild is a China based company offering quality bikes &carbon bike accessories, supplying all over the world online.

Where are open frames made?

Open is a manufacturer of performance mountain bicycle frames based in Basel.

Who makes Yoeleo?

Yoeleo SL-PRO hubs are manufactured by Bitex also based in Taiwan. They weigh 66+192g, also with anti bite system (3 pcs stainless splines on freehub body) to prevent the freehub body from cassette gouging.

Are Yoeleo bikes any good?

Yoeleo has a reputable name and their customers tend to be very satisfied. I have no doubt these wheels will be the typical quality you get from Yoeleo. I was not shopping for wheels when I cam across these. I know of Yoeleo but did not have any idea they made a U-shaped wheel without spoke holes and ceremic hubs.

Where is Yoeleo from?

China Carbon Wheels – Carbon Fiber Wheels Manufacturer – YOELEO.

How good are Yoeleo wheels?

These wheels are truly quality and have great value. You get a lot for the price! 4) SAT technology that makes the Rims Tubeless Ready (no spoke holes). Only had one 30 mile ride on them and they feel even stiffer than my set of Chinese Carbon Wheels.

Is TokyoWheel good?

They are light, extremely durable, smooth, and aero. We did have a problem with rear ceramic bearings on one of the wheel sets (they got really rough). James Ferrer, from TokyoWheel promptly sent a replacement set and we haven’t had a problem since. Great wheels.

Where are Tokyo wheels made?

We build our Manufactured in USA wheels in Tokyo, and sell those only to the domestic Japanese market. The wheels that you are interested in are the EPIC and ELITE series road bike wheels, which we offer to the worldwide market.

How are carbon fiber rims made?

How is a carbon fiber wheel made? Carbon fiber rims are made of two components; carbon fiber and epoxy resin. When molding a carbon fiber wheel, pieces of pre-preg carbon fiber are laid into molds. Pre-preg is raw carbon fiber that is impregnated with an epoxy resin.

What kind of bike is Stradalli mountain bike?

While it started business as a manufacturer of affordable components for cost-conscious riders, Stradalli has now extended its business to complete mountain bikes and road bikes as well. Stradalli bikes are manufactured after hours of research and testing. Their components and finished bikes offer innovation and progress.

Is there a weight limit on a Stradalli?

If you are an existing customer and weigh more than 180 pounds – please be careful as I am sure you were never told about weight restrictions. If you contemplating a Stradalli and weight more than 180 pounds look at the pictures again. I’ve looked at their website and they do state a 180lb weight limit (although the wording is a bit poor).

How long is the warranty on a Stradalli Bike?

On top of the two years warranty that most of the Stradalli bikes seem to possess, the bike comes with a 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ headset. When it comes to quality, the bike will deliver only the best and at the cheapest range. Riders who are just starting and do not want to spend too much into an object, Stradalli bikes are definitely for you.

What kind of disc brakes does Stradalli have?

Stradalli full carbon Ultegra weighs around 25 pounds and is equipped with 8000 Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes, which works flawlessly in all weather conditions. These sorts of brakes are extremely reliable as it can bring the bike to a sudden stop in a matter of seconds.

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