Is a BMW 530D reliable?

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Is a BMW 530D reliable?

BMW 530D. A safe, reliable car. Makes driving much more of a pleasure.

Are BMW 5 Series good cars?

Is the BMW 5 Series a Good Car? Yes, the BMW 5 Series is a great luxury midsize car. It costs more than other cars in the class, but this BMW provides the appeal that justifies that cost. Every engine supplies plenty of power, and its ride remains refined on rough roads.

IS 530d twin turbo?

The 535d is a twin-turbo version of the 530d and comes with 300bhp for 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and astonishing low- and mid-rev acceleration.

Is a 2008 BMW 535i reliable?

This car is very reliable. Very comfortable to drive. It is easy to maintain. Very luxurious for the price and definitely worth the purchase.

What kind of car is the BMW 530d?

2008 BMW 530d (man. 6) (model for Europe ) car specifications & performance data review Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of BMW 530d (man.

What are the new trim levels for the BMW 530d?

Two new trim levels have been introduced: Modern and Luxury. We’re testing the latter, which comes with new 18-inch wheels, plus chrome trim on the door handles and window surrounds.

How much torque does a BMW 530d have?

Pushing the throttle even lightly summons 560Nm of torque from just 1,500rpm, with a muted growl from the exhausts and an effortless surge of acceleration. The suspension has been honed to improve ride comfort, including new settings for the dampers.

Is the BMW 5 Series a good car?

In the premium executive class, things move quickly. With the all-new Maserati Ghibli on the road and a thoroughly revamped Mercedes E-Class on sale, the BMW 5 Series needed a refresh in order to stay ahead of the pack. The changes made by BMW are minor – but they do the job.

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