Where is Serge Aurier?

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Where is Serge Aurier?

Ivory Coast national football teamDefender
Serge Aurier/Current teams

Is Serge Aurier French?

Serge Alain Stéphane Aurier (French: [sɛʁʒ oʁje]; born 24 December 1992) is an Ivorian professional footballer who is currently a free agent and captains the Ivory Coast national team. Aurier moved to France as a child and played for Lens, Toulouse and Paris Saint-Germain, winning 11 major trophies with the latter.

Who’s the highest paid footballer?

Who are the highest-paid footballers in the world?

  • 8: Antoine Griezmann – £356,000*
  • 7: Kylian Mbappe – £403,000 per week.
  • 5 and 6: Philippe Coutinho and Sergio Ramos – £406,000 per week.
  • 4: Eden Hazard – £407,000 per week.
  • 3: Lionel Messi – £500,000 per week.
  • 2: Gareth Bale – £564,000 per week.
  • 1: Neymar – £859,000 per week.

Which club is Serge Aurier?

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