Is Chuze Fitness a good gym?

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Is Chuze Fitness a good gym?

Awesome place to work! One of the BEST PLACES to work. I never saw myself working at a gym but this company has completely changed the way I look at gyms. My location has amazing staff and management. Chuze really stays true to their culture and really wants everyone to succeed.

Is Chuze Fitness safe?

Our industry leading commitment to cleanliness continues and member and team member safety is our absolute top priority. All Chuze Fitness locations are currently open and will be following all protocols and orders as advised by counties, the CDC and WHO.

What company owns Chuze Fitness?

Main Post Partners
Chuze Fitness Receives Strategic Growth Investment from Main Post Partners – Main Post Partners.

Can you shower at Chuze Fitness?

Here at our fitness center, we have showers, changing areas, lockers—all spotless and new. You’ll feel like you died and went to a spa.

How much is Chuze fitness annual fee?

Chuze Fitness Prices

Item Price
Basic Membership $49.99 Annual Fee
12 Month Commitment or No Commitment
Signup Fee (Basic Membership) $0.00
Per Person (Basic Membership) $9.99

How do I quit Chuze fitness?

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Chuze Fitness requires a 10 day written notice prior to any monthly or annual billing date to cancel and avoid any future charges.
  2. Memberships must be in good standing prior to cancellation.
  3. You may cancel by coming in to any Chuze location and signing our cancellation form.

How long has Chuze Fitness been in business?

The very first Chuze Fitness opened in Carlsbad in 2008, just north of San Diego, surrounded by fresh ocean air and people looking for a gym that was affordable and welcoming.

Who started Chuze fitness?

Nick Barshick
We asked Nick Barshick, a co-founder and partner in Chuze Fitness, about what he packs in his gym bag so you can see how his bag stacks up against yours. It’s a staple for any ardent gym goer: the gym bag.

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