How do you calculate pollen germination?

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How do you calculate pollen germination?

A pollen grain was considered germinated when pollen tube length was at least equal to or greater than the grain diameter [15]. Germination percentage (%) was determined by dividing the number of germinated pollen grains per field of view by the total number of pollen per field of view.

How many pollen grains can germinate on stigma?

When more than one pollen grain lands on a stigma whose ovary contains only one ovule, usually only one pollen tube can successfully enter the ovule while the other pollen tubes stop growing.

How long does it take for pollen grains to germinate?

Sufficient pollen germination to fertilize all ovules was predicted to have occurred within 62 min. Across angiosperms, pollen germination ranged from 1 min to >60 h long and required 8.3 ± 9.8 % of the total duration of the progamic phase.

How many pollen tubes emerge from a pollen grain?

Only a single pollen tube emerges from a pollen grain that contains pollen nuclei. Pollen tube helps the nuclei to reach the ovule. there fertilization takes place.

Which sugar solution is used for pollen germination?

(i) Prepare the pollen germination medium by dissolving 10g sucrose, 30mg calcium nitrate and 10mg boric acid in 100ml of distilled water. Alternatively 10% sucrose solution can also be used. (ii) Take a drop of medium or 10% sucrose solution on a cover slip and sprinkle mature pollen grains on the drop.

Why do pollen grains fail to germinate?

1)Some pollen grains fail to germinate as they don’t get all the essential conditions for the germination of pollen. The stigma of flower receives different kinds of pollen, but pollen belonging to same species grows and survive and rest of the pollens fail to grow. 4)No, pollen tubes are not of equal length.

What stimulates pollen tube growth?

The male reproductive organ of the flower, the stamen, produces pollen. The opening of anthers makes pollen available for subsequent pollination (transfer of pollen grains to the pistil, the female reproductive organ). Lipids at the surface of the stigma may also stimulate pollen tube growth for compatible pollen.

What happens when a pollen grain germinates?

When the pollen grain germinates on the stigma it creates a burrow called the pollen tube as it travels toward the ovary. When the sperm cell from the pollen grain reaches the ovary or ovule the sperm joins with the egg. This is called fertilization. The fertilized zygote will become a tiny new plant inside the seed.

Which increases the pollen germination?

They demonstrated the role of sucrose in enhancing pollen germination and pollen tube growth.

Where do pollen grains germinate naturally?

The pollen grains germinate naturally on the stigma of compatible flower. They develop pollen tubes that helps to deliver sperm nuclei inside the embryo sac where fertilization takes place.

What tube does pollen travel through?

Pollen tubes enter the top of the pistil through the stigma and travel down the style to the ovules which are contained in the ovary at the base of the pistil.

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