Why did Team 4 star stop abridged?

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Why did Team 4 star stop abridged?

The combination of legal issues and the changing schedules and workloads of other TFS projects forced the group to abandon the series.

What happened to AOT abridged?

Due to reasons that cannot be released, the show is on indefinite hiatus. There is a common misonception that Eren is voiced by ShadyVox, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh GX The Abridged Series.

Who is the CEO of Team Four Star?

In September of 2014, entrepreneur Nick Landis — alongside his business partner, Scott Frerichs — formally established TFS Entertainment, LLC. Under that LLC resides Team Four Star, an online media group and platform that began as a hobby 8 years ago.

Who is Takahata101?

Curtis Arnott, more commonly known as Takahata101 is a voice actor, editor and writer for TeamFourStar. He is one of the co-founders of TeamFourStar, along with one of the most well-known abridgers online.

Is Team 4 STAR done?

Team Four Star reveal why they’re “done” with DBZ Abridged YouTube series. Popular YouTube content creators TeamFourStar have confirmed they won’t be returning to their flagship comedy show Dragon Ball Z Abridged, and added the series was absolutely “done” despite fans calling for a comeback.

Why is it called 4 star?

Fun Fact: We are called Team Four Star because the 4 Star ball was Goku’s Favorite Ball, not due to the number of our founding members.

Is Takahata a 101?

Takahata101 is a skilled non profit voice actor in the abridging community. He has been in a multitude of fandubs and is part of multiple fandubbing groups. Takahata101 has been in many projects to date as a popular Canadian voice actor.

Who did KaiserNeko voice in DBZA?

Scott Frerichs was born on January 20, 1987 in San Bernardino, California, USA. He is known for his…

How old is Takahata 101?


Age 30
Born Canada
Specialty Voice Actor, Editor, Scriptwriter
Links http://www.youtube.com/takahata101 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3908806/

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