How do you use a sekonic light meter with Flash?

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How do you use a sekonic light meter with Flash?

Now in order to get this to work, you press a button on the side of the meter which makes the little square indicator flash, indicating that the meter is ready to take a reading. Then you hold the meter up to your subject where the light is going to be illuminating them. Then you fire the flash.

What is a sekonic light meter used for?

It features both a spot meter (used to measure light reflected off distant objects or specific things) and an incident meter (used to measure light falling on a subject you can physically access, or the ambient light in a given area where you’re standing).

Where are sekonic light meters made?

Hachiyō Kōgaku Kōgyō (㈱八陽光学工業), with a factory in Ikeda, prefecture of Nagano, for the manufacture of exposure meters.

What is the difference between sekonic 308S and 308X?

The Sekonic L-308S meter is by far their most popular light meter. Fairly basic but very accurate and affordable, it’s the model that often introduces photographers to light meters. The L-308X-U is a single unit designed for the next generation of both photographers and filmmakers.

What is a Gossen Luna Pro?

The 1961 Gossen Lunasix (in US Luna Pro) is a hand held exposure meter. Sold for many years the Lunasix was famed for its low light sensitivity, still impressive by today’s standards. The Lunasix was Gossen’s flagship meter until the 1977 Profisix and remained available for some years afterwards.

How do you use an old light meter?

How to operate your old light meter:

  1. first of all,set your film ISO speed (figure 1).
  2. Point the light meter front panel to the direction you want to take the light meter from.
  3. In the bottom of the light meter the is a needle that will move when you direct the meter to different light scenes.

What is the difference between incident and reflected light?

An incident light meter measures the light falling on the subject, and will be the same no matter what, unless you change the intensity of the actual light. A reflective light meter, on the other hand, measures the intensity from that 1,000-watt light after it’s been reflected off of the subject.

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