Did Nicklas Backstrom play goalie?

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Did Nicklas Backstrom play goalie?

He played ten seasons for the Minnesota Wild and Calgary Flames in the National Hockey League (NHL), during which he won both the William M….

Niklas Bäckström
Weight 197 lb (89 kg; 14 st 1 lb)
Position Goaltender
Caught Left
Played for HIFK SaiPa AIK IF Kärpät Minnesota Wild Calgary Flames Tappara

Who did Nicklas Backstrom play for?

Washington Capitals#19 / Centerman
Swedish National Men’s Ice Hockey Team#19 / Forward
Nicklas Bäckström/Current teams

Did Nicklas Backstrom retire?

Bäckström was selected fourth overall by the Capitals at the 2006 NHL Entry Draft….

Nicklas Bäckström
NHL team Former teams Washington Capitals Brynäs IF Dynamo Moscow
National team Sweden
NHL Draft 4th overall, 2006 Washington Capitals
Playing career 2004–present

How old is Nicklas Backstrom?

33 years (November 23, 1987)
Nicklas Bäckström/Age

Where is Backstrom from?

Valbo, Sweden
Nicklas Bäckström/Place of birth

Is Nicklas Backstrom a Hall of Famer?

Backstrom is just the 54th player of all-time to record 700 assists. Of those 54 players, only 10 are not in the Hall of Fame. With 954 career points, Backstrom ranks 103rd all-time.

Is Nicklas Backstrom good?

The truth is that Backstrom would be a great playmaker with or without Ovie, as evidenced by the fact Backstrom has continued producing at close to a point-per-game pace even in recent seasons when Evgeny Kuznetsov usurped him as Ovechkin’s regular center. Of Backstrom’s 715 assists, 292 have come on Ovechkin goals.

Is Backstrom still with the Capitals?

Nicklas Backstrom is still going strong. Much like his long time and legendary teammate Alex Ovechkin, Backstrom is still putting up points despite the increasing number that is his age. That is something you will hear a lot about when talking about the Washington Capitals. Age.

Was Ralph Backstrom married?

Backstrom married his first wife, Frances Richard, in April 1961. He married his second wife, Janet, in 1985. They remained married until his death. He had three children: Martin, Diana, and Andrew.

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