Where is the big fire in New Mexico?

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Where is the big fire in New Mexico?

The fire started in Santa Fe National Forest and burned more than 150,000 acres, threatening Los Alamos National Laboratory and the town of Los Alamos….

Las Conchas Fire
From Española, New Mexico, June 29, 2011
Location New Mexico
Coordinates 35.803°N 106.440°WCoordinates:35.803°N 106.440°W

Can you see fires on Google Maps?

Google Maps will now open to show highlighted wildfire areas. The wildfires are outlined in red dashed lines. The movement of the wildfires is updated about once every hour. The last update time is shown on the info card.

Why is there so much smoke in NM?

Where is the smoke coming from in Albuquerque? Smoke in Albuquerque contributes to increased carbon monoxide, PM2. 5, and PM10 pollution, along with numerous other air toxins. Most often, smoke is attributed to biomass burning, such as wood burning in the winter and wildfires in the late summer and early fall months.

Where are the forest fires in New Mexico?

The area in and around the forest southwest of Santa Fe has seen a string of fires since April. Farther south, northeast of Albuquerque, extreme fire danger is also forcing parts of the Cibola National Forest to close to the public starting on Friday, New Mexico fire officials said.

Where is forest fire in New Mexico?

The fire, located in the Manzano Mountains in central New Mexico, covers about 2,000 acres and is being fueled by downed timber and pines amid high winds and low humidity.

Where is fire in New Mexico?

The Stateline Fire burning in Union County, north of Clayton, New Mexico, is currently estimated at 21,253 acres, of which 7,160 acres has crossed over into Colorado. The fire started Thursday morning March 8 on private property in New Mexico. There is no immediate threat to structures at this time. Fuels include piñon, juniper, oak, and grass.

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