Who broke their leg in the UFC fight?

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Who broke their leg in the UFC fight?

ULTIMATE Fighter season five contestant Corey Hill holds the unfortunate accolade of being the first fighter to break their leg inside the octagon. Moments after the start of the second round of his clash with Dale Hartt, Hill had a hard leg kick checked by his opponent.

What happened to the UFC fighter who broke his leg?

At UFC 261 this past Saturday, Chris Weidman suffered one of the most traumatic injuries in UFC history when his leg snapped while throwing a kick in his fight with Uriah Hall. At the conclusion of the event, the UFC confirmed that Weidman had been admitted to the hospital and would undergo surgery on Sunday morning.

Who broke their leg kicking Chris Weidman?

Things came full circle for Chris Weidman when he broke his leg against Uriah Hall at UFC 261. The horrific injury mirrored the time UFC great Anderson Silva broke his leg while attempting to reclaim the middleweight title from Weidman seven years ago.

Why did Weidman break leg?

The horrific injury occurred in essentially the first exchange of the fight as Weidman threw a kick at his opponent Uriah Hall, which then resulted in his leg snapping in a violent manner.

Did Weidman break Silva’s leg?

It was the first time “Spider” had suffered defeat inside of the Octagon. Unfortunately, Silva launched a leg kick in the second round that was checked by Weidman and left “Spider” with a gnarly leg break (see it HERE). Ironically, it’s the same injury Weidman suffered against Uriah Hall earlier this year at UFC 261.

Why did Chris Weidman break leg?

Weidman Apologizes To Silva For Breaking His Leg In 2013 They’re going to have to plate the fibula bone because it’s considered a non-union, so the bones aren’t healing the way it’s supposed to, which kind of sucks. I did expect setbacks and issues with this type of traumatic injury, and I’ve been through a lot.”

Will Chris Weidman lose his leg?

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has revealed that he could yet still have a leg amputation following his horror injury in April. Weidman is still recovering after a horror incident inside the Octagon in which his leg shattered just 17 seconds into his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261.

What kind of break did Chris Weidman have?

compound fracture
Weidman, the former UFC middleweight champion, suffered a compound fracture of his right leg just seconds into Saturday’s 185-pound bout against Uriah Hall. Weidman threw a kick intended for Hall’s leg and Hall blocked it, causing Weidman’s leg to shatter on impact in a hard-to-watch scene.

Who was the UFC fighter that broke his leg?

UFC star Chris Weidman has horrifically broken his leg just 13 seconds into his fight against Uriah Hall, leaving the crowd in stunned silence. Credit: Getty UFC reporter Ariel Helwani spoke for most when he described the scenes as devastating.

How did Chris Weidman break his leg in UFC?

UFC star Chris Weidman has horrifically broken his leg just 13 seconds into his fight against Uriah Hall, leaving the crowd in stunned silence. The highly-anticipated middleweight rematch was over before it really began after Weidman’s low kick appeared to snap his leg, but the fighter didn’t realise until trying to step on it.

Who was the UFC fighter who won without throwing a strike?

UFC president Dana White took to Twitter to post a video of the incident, stating that this was the first time a fighter had won a bout without throwing a single strike. In the previous fight, another injury impacted the bout as Jimmy Crute had to concede to Anthony Smith after nerve damage in his leg.

Who was the mixed martial artist who broke his leg?

50 years on from Martin Luther King’s assassination, did his dream come true? American mixed martial artist Jonathan King suffered an horrific broken leg in just his second fight.

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