What is big bet per hour?

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What is big bet per hour?

Win rate basics. Poker winrates are most commonly expressed in the 4 following ways: bb/100 = The number of big blinds you win per 100 hands. bb/hour = The number of big blinds you win per hour. $/100 = The amount of money you win per 100 hands.

How many rounds of blackjack can you play in an hour?

For example, if you play with two other players, you can expect to be dealt roughly 100 rounds per hour. If, instead, you play two hands, you’ll get about 80 rounds dealt to you per hour, or a total of 160 hands per hour (that’s 60 more hands per hour).

When should you bet big in blackjack?

In a game like blackjack, where most of your payouts are even money or close to it, the only way to win big is to bet big. If you only bet $5 on a hand, the most you can realistically win is $7.50, and that’s only when you get a natural.

What is the average bet in blackjack?

The casino expects to earn 0.5% of the $800 or $4.00. Of course, the more likely result is that you’ll win or lose much more than $4 after an hour of play. But on average you can expect over time to lose at the rate of $4 per hour.

What is a good BB per 100 hands?

What is a Good Win Rate?

  • 1-4bb/100 is a good, solid win rate.
  • 5-9bb/100 is an exceptional win rate.
  • 10+bb/100 is absolutely crushing the game.

Is it better to play blackjack at a full table?

Blackjack has play moves that can be made once the game has started. Moves such as doubling down, splitting, or placing side bets. So, blackjack at a full table gives you more time to strategize and see how the cards are getting handed out and adjust your bets.

What are the odds of winning two hands in a row in blackjack?

The stats support why blackjack streaks often occur within 2 or 3 hands. Any winning or losing run after this has less than a 10% chance of happening.

How do I increase my chances of winning blackjack?


  1. Play games with liberal playing rules.
  2. Learn the basic playing strategy.
  3. Use a strategy card.
  4. Avoid making the insurance wager.
  5. Ignore your fellow players.
  6. Avoid progressive strategies.
  7. Don’t believe you are due to win.
  8. Don’t play on tables that use a continuous shuffler.

How much money do you lose playing blackjack?

The problem is that no one plays a single hand of blackjack or a single hand of Casino War. Most people play for an hour or two. This means you’re more likely to play 60 or even 120 hands. At 50 cents per hand, you might lose $3 to $6 in that scenario.

How long does it take to play 1 million hands of Blackjack?

At 1 million hands, the chances of getting results different from the expectation are almost nonexistent. (It would take you 16, 667 hours to get in a million hands, by the way. If you played for 40 hours a week, that would take 416 weeks to accomplish, or about 8 years of full time play.)

What is the average house edge on blackjack?

If the house edge on blackjack is 0.5%, you’re looking at an average loss of 50 cents every time you bet $100. On the other hand, with Casino War, you’re looking at an average loss of $2.88 every time you bet $100. That doesn’t sound like a huge difference, really.

Which is more profitable casino war or blackjack?

The house edge for most casino games is much higher than it is for blackjack. One almost wonders why the casinos still offer the game of blackjack, in fact. After all, it’s way less profitable than something like Caribbean Holdem or Casino War . I’ve seen some gambling writers refer to games like Casino War as “carnival games”.

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