What is a better word for list?

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What is a better word for list?

Synonyms of list

  • canon,
  • catalog.
  • (or catalogue),
  • checklist,
  • listing,
  • menu,
  • register,
  • registry,

What is the word for list items?

What is another word for list of items?

agenda schedule
bill catalogUS
catalogueUK docket
lineup listing
memo outline

What is the name for a list in English?

List, catalog, inventory, roll, schedule imply a definite arrangement of items.

What do you mean list?

A list of things such as names or addresses is a set of them which all belong to a particular category, written down one below the other. To list several things such as reasons or names means to write or say them one after another, usually in a particular order.

What do u call a list of names?

roll. noun. an official list of names, especially one that is used in a school.

What’s a list of names called?

In school, a list of names is a “register”, or sometimes a “roll” (from which we get the expression “roll call”; at one time the list of names would have been written on a roll of paper).

What is a list simple definition?

1a : a simple series of words or numerals (such as the names of persons or objects) a guest list. b : an official roster : roll drawing up a list for …

What is list and its types?

The three list types. There are three list types in HTML: unordered list — used to group a set of related items in no particular order. ordered list — used to group a set of related items in a specific order. description list — used to display name/value pairs such as terms and definitions.

What is a different word for I?

I Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for I?

I for one I myself
for me ourself
self the author
the speaker the writer
me, myself and I myself only

Do you have a one word substitution list?

Candidates preparing for various Government exams are advised to go through the one-word substitution list carefully as English language is a part of the syllabus for most of these exams. What is One Word Substitution in English Language?

How can I generate a list of random words?

The cursive words will all be in cursive using cursive letters. Once you have input all of your specifications, all you have to do is to press the Generate Random Words button, and a list of random words will appear. Below are some of the common ways people use this tool.

Which is the best list of motivational words?

List of 200+ Motivational Words. Accomplish. Accomplishments. Achieve. Act. Action. Active. Admiration. Admire.

How are the words organized in a Pictionary?

Below are a variety of pictionary word lists, organized into six categories. You may decide to organize the words by category or have the drawer announce the category before beginning to draw.

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