Is Scott a good mountain bike?

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Is Scott a good mountain bike?

Does Scott have good mountain bikes? The simple answer is yes and here exactly is why. In the cycling community scott bikes are considered as dream bikes, every cyclist wishes to have and ride. Unlike on the road bikes, Scott offers entry-level mountain bikes.

Are Scott bikes made in USA?

We can say that Scott is one of the brands that contribute most to cycling today, its innovation and development is copied by the industry in general. With his origin in Switzerland, Scott also manufactures his frames in Taiwan. Cannondale also manufactures its bicycles in Taiwan, although it assembles them in the USA.

How much does a Scott bike cost?


Scott Contessa Active 10 Mountain Bike 2021 Your Price $999.00 Scott Contessa Active 40 Mountain Bike 2021 (Blue) Your Price $599.00
Scott Contessa Genius 920 Mountain Bike 2021 Your Price $2,499.00 Scott Contessa Spark 930 Mountain Bike 2021 Your Price $2,499.00

Who owns Scott USA?

Youngone Trading
Scott Sports/Parent organizations

When did the first Scott mountain bike come out?

In 1991, the company unveiled its first mountain bike featuring the revolutionary Unibox suspension. A year later, the first Scott full suspension mountain bikes were shipped to bike stores. In 1998, Scott introduced the groundbreaking G-Zero, which had the distinction of being the lightest full suspension mountain bike in the world.

Are there any women’s mountain bikes at Scott Sports?

Women’s MTB is a growing category and here at SCOTT Sports we have a bike to fit every female rider. SCOTT bikes are designed to cover long distances, blast around local trails, get you up and down the mountain until you feel like a heroine.

How big are the wheels on a Scott Mountain Bike?

At SCOTT Sports, we offer a range of cross-country mountain bikes in differents sizes from XS to XL. General specifications include suspension forks of between 100mm and 120mm and 29-inch wheels.

Which is the best Scott bike to buy?

The Spark is not only one of the most successful full suspension bikes on the World Cup circuit, it’s also Scott’s most popular bike for non-racers. Light, capable, fast – a cross country dream.

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