Is JIS a good school?

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Is JIS a good school?

Previously known as the Jakarta International School, JIS was founded in 1951 and it is the largest international school in Jakarta. It is also considered one of the most prestigious, offering high standards of education to students from age 2 to 18.

Is JIS a private school?

Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), formerly the Jakarta International School, is a private, Embassy backed international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established in 1951 for expatriate students living in Jakarta and is the largest international primary and secondary school in Indonesia.

How many international schools are there in Jakarta?

60 International Schools
All the key information about the 60 International Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia: Extracurricular activies, if teachers are native, class sizes, fees, school bus availability, etc. Enter your preferences and find the best international school in Jakarta for you and your children.

Is JIS an IB school?

Global Curriculum As one of the few schools to offer both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP), JIS is committed to providing the guidance and mentorship needed for High School students to achieve their academic goals for higher education.

Does JIS have uniform?

In August 2018 the international section of JIS launched a new, updated school uniform in conjunction with ‘Uniform Station Ltd’. Formal and PE uniforms are available from the JIS Uniform Shop on the ground floor, adjacent to the general office.

What is the best private school in Indonesia?

15 Best International Schools in Indonesia – Top Rated Schools of Indonesia

  • ACG School Jakarta.
  • ACS Jakarta.
  • Australian Independent School.
  • Bali Island School.
  • Bandung Independent School.
  • Global Jaya School.
  • Ichthus School.
  • Jakarta Intercultural School.

What are the best schools in Jakarta?

What are the best international schools in Jakarta?

  • SIS Kelapa Gading.
  • ACG School Jakarta.
  • British School Jakarta.
  • SIS South Jakarta.
  • Jakarta Intercultural School.
  • Jakarta Multicultural School.
  • North Jakarta Intercultural School.
  • New Zealand School Jakarta.

How much does JIS cost?

Annual Fees

Grade Level enrollment Tuition balance
Early Years 1 & 2 (full day) IDR 22,000,000 IDR 239,500,000
Early Years 3 (Kindergarten) IDR 22,000,000 IDR 350,500,000
Elementary (Grades 1 – 5) IDR 22,000,000 IDR 359,000,000
Middle School (Grades 6 – 8) IDR 22,000,000 IDR 419,000,000

How many international schools are there in Indonesia?

According to the latest data from ISC Research, Indonesia currently has 195 English-medium international schools, between them teaching approximately 59,600 students. Not surprisingly, Jakarta, the country’s capital, dominates. The largest selection of schools is in the south of the city, where there are 34.

What is the meaning of JIS?

Judicial Information Systems. JIS. Just in Sequence (automotive industry) JIS. Japanese Institute of Standards.

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