What was Captain Janeway catchphrase?

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What was Captain Janeway catchphrase?

Do It
“Do It” While Captain Sisko was never really given a catchphrase, his fellow late-’90s Star Trek star, Captain Janeway, did get one, kind of under the radar. Janeway says “Do it” in a very specific, almost angry way.

Is Janeway a good captain?

Janeway, IMO, was the best captain. Selfless, professional, smart, considerate, tough, duty bound yet flexible, not to mention she is tested more than any other captain by being thrown into the delta quadrant. She appreciates all the finer things in life without losing sight of the big picture.

Why did Captain Janeway cut her hair?

When your ship is constantly under attack, you don’t have time for niceties like fixing your hair. As a result, Janeway chopped off her hair for “Year of Hell.”

What did Janeway say instead of engage?

A hilarious video compilation of all the times Star Trek: Voyager’s Captain Janeway says “do it!” Jean-Luc Picard had “make it so”, Spock had “live long and prosper”, Checkov had “wessel”, but Janeway ended up with “do it!”

Does Voyager return to Earth?

Admiral Janeway beams aboard Voyager and meets her younger self, and is moved to see a healthy Tuvok and Chakotay again. In Janeway’s Ready Room, the Admiral reveals to the Captain that Voyager did eventually make it back to Earth after another 16 years, and the ship became a museum on the grounds of the Presidio.

Who has the most powerful ships in Star Trek?

3 Borg Cube The Borg cube is easily the most powerful ship encountered by any of the Alpha Quadrant powers. Armed with a variety of powerful beam weapons, torpedo launchers, and tractor beams, a Borg cube was more than a match for fleets of ships, able to destroy multiple ships before they could even scratch it.

Did Janeway and Chakotay sleep together?

In an appearance at the Denver Pop Culture Con in 2017, she told the audience that she said “no to all of that” when it came to Janeway having sex or intimate relations with other crew. “I said ‘I’m not going to sleep with Chakotay… not gonna happen,’” said Mulgrew.

What did Captain Janeway do on the Voyager?

When faced with the relentless onslaught of Krenim temporal attacks, Captain Janeway is presented with one of the most difficult decisions of the voyage home. The species continuously alters their timeline, hoping to eventually remove them from history. RELATED: Star Trek: The Myers-Briggs® Personalities Of Captain Janeway & The Voyager Crew

What are the best quotes from Star Trek Voyager?

Star Trek: Voyager — Janeway’s 10 Best Quotes, Ranked 1 “Now this is how I prefer the Borg. In pieces!” When Janeway destroys a probe in Season 5, it leads her and the crew to a damaged Borg sphere, 2 “Abandon ship? The answer’s no. 3 “It’s never easy…

Who was the captain of the Star Trek Voyager?

A highly accomplished Starfleet captain who became a maverick when her ship suddenly found itself in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Kathryn Janeway remains one of the most compelling characters in Star Trek canon thanks to her resilience, intelligence, and quick-thinking.

Who was the worst captain on the Voyager?

RELATED: Star Trek Voyager: 5 Times Janeway Was the Best Captain (And 5 Times She Was the Worst) When the crew found themselves on a 75-year journey home, she always steeled their reserves, often pitching in around the USS Voyager to render aid in any department.

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