What is DD Form 1423?

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What is DD Form 1423?

Form: DD Form 1423 – Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) Data requirements can also be identified in the contract via Special Contract Clauses (e.g., Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS)), which define special data provisions (such as, Rights in Data, Warranty, etc.).

What is a DD 254 used for?

The Government uses the DD Form 254 to convey security requirements to contractors when contract performance requires access to classified information. Prime contractors also use the DD Form 254 to convey security requirements to subcontractors that require access to classified information to perform on a subcontract.

What is a jf12?

This review process is called the Joint Frequency Allocation-to-Equipment Process, or the “JF-12 Process”. The form currently used to submit systems information to the MCEB for frequency allocation approval is the DD FORM 1494.

Who prepares a DD254?

The Department of Defense (DD) Form 254 “Contract Security Classification Specification” provides a contractor (or a subcontractor) the security requirements, classification guidance, and handling procedures for classified material received and/or generated on a classified contract.

Is a DD254 required?

The DD254 is required for completion under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), and it is used to grant contractors access to classified information, which may be required to execute contractual requirements.

What is the role of the frequency spectrum Proponency office?

EMSO ensure the efficient use of allocated spectrum and associated frequencies in a given area of operations. The operating function enables dynamic, near real-time frequency assignment, re-assignment, interference resolution, and deconfliction across all users in an area of operations.

Does DD254 expire?

NOTE: Every DD254 should have an expiration date (normally in Box 2 or Section 13).

What is Form DD 1172?

The DD Form 1172 is an application for uniformed services identification card/DEERS Enrollment. It is used for the application of military ID cards for military dependents.

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