What is Cactus Moser real name?

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What is Cactus Moser real name?

Michael Scott Moser
Judd and Moser (real name: Michael Scott Moser) were riding separate motorcycles in Deadwood, S.D., on Saturday when Moser, 55, collided with an oncoming vehicle.

What happened to Wynonna Judd’s husband?

Country music star Wynonna Judd’s new husband lost his left leg in a motorcycle crash in South Dakota Saturday, a statement from her publicist said Monday. “Moser’s left leg was severed at the scene of the accident and doctors in Rapid City, South Dakota, amputated the leg above the knee,” the statement said.

Is Wynonna still married to Cactus Moser?

Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser Are Happily Married — A Glimpse into Their 8-Year Marriage. Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser are two musicians who met years before they got together. In between, they each had marriages and children. Judd was the other half of the award-winning duo The Judds, together with her mother, Naomi.

Who is Wynonna Judds husband?

Cactus Moserm. 2012
D. R. Roachm. 2003–2007Arch Kelley IIIm. 1996–1998
Wynonna Judd/Husband
On December 24, 2011, Judd became engaged to her boyfriend, musician Cactus Moser, best known as the drummer for Highway 101. They married on June 10, 2012, at her home in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.

How old is Cactus Moser?

64 years (May 3, 1957)
Cactus Moser/Age

What band was Cactus Moser in?

Highway 101
Cactus Moser/Music groups

Most notably he has been a member of the highly successful, Grammy Nominated band Highway 101 for over 20 years. Cactus is currently the musical director / producer / drummer for Wynonna and the Big Noise.

What happened Cactus Moser?

Moser, a drummer in Judd’s band, had drifted across the center line on his motorcycle and collided with an oncoming car. His left leg was severed at the scene, a Judd rep said in a statement at the time. It was ultimately amputated above the knee.

Why did the Judds split?

In 1983, they got their big break when Naomi convinced a record producer whose child she had cared for as a nurse to come to her home and listen to the act. The producer was “charmed” and the duo was signed by RCA and Curb.

How did Judd get hepatitis?

In 1990, The Judds singer Naomi Judd learned that she had contracted hepatitis C from a needlestick injury during her time as a nurse. While her doctor’s initial diagnosis was that she had about 3 years to live, Judd sought treatment. In 1998, she announced that her condition was in remission.

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