Does Fast and Furious 6 have a post credit scene?

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Does Fast and Furious 6 have a post credit scene?

At the end of 2013’s “Fast 6,” an end-credits scene reveals that Han’s “death” in 2006’s “Tokyo Drift” actually took place after the events of “Fast 6.” When Deckard’s brother, Owen Shaw, is heavily injured at the end of “Fast 6,” Deckard goes on a vengeance spree against Dom’s family, starting with Han.

Is there an end credit scene in fate of the Furious?

The Fate of the Furious, also known as Fast and Furious 8, was a huge box office hit on its opening weekend and has now collected more than $1B at the global box office. Despite the film being loved massively by the fans, viewers were somewhat disappointed to find out there was no post-credits scene.

What happens at the end of Fast and Furious 6?

If you’re a deep fan of the franchise, you recognize the crucial importance of what we’re about to see. This is the scene where Han (Sung Kang) dies. Han has been alive in the last few movies, constantly threatening a move to Tokyo; now, he’s finally done it. Yes, the rumors were true, and the rumors were awesome.

How did they bring Han back in fast and furious?

Han’s return in Fast & Furious 9 explained It’s revealed that Han has a connection to the MacGuffin at the heart of Fast & Furious 9, Project Aries. Han’s name was connected to the activation key for the technology, so Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) head to Tokyo to see if they can find out why.

Is Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 6?

It is the sequel to Fast Five (2011) and the sixth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. It stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Luke Evans, Gina Carano, and John Ortiz.

Is Brian going to be in F9?

Brian O’Conner isn’t seen in “F9,” but the character’s absence is explained. Additionally, the film contains two respectful nods to Brian near the film’s end.

What happens at the end of fast and Furious 6?

Unlike the last movie, the extra scene featuring a new cameo is shown soon after the credits start (about 15 seconds in) and after a brief warning regarding the stunts performed. Check out more details about the Fast & Furious 6 mid-credits scene, which lasts nearly a minute and a half, below.

Are there any extra scenes in Furious 7?

There are no extra scenes during the credits of Furious 7; however, there is a special tribute to Paul Walker right before the credits start. The tribute is tied into the epilogue of Furious 7.

Who is Ian Shaw in fast and Furious 6?

Jason Statham (reportedly playing Owen Shaw’s brother, Ian Shaw) walks out of the Mercedes, walks by an immobile Han in his car, throws Dom’s necklace next to Han’s burning car and calls Dom to tell him, “You don’t know me, but you’re about to.” The scene ends with the RX-7 exploding in a big fire, presumably with Han dead inside.

Who was Luke Evans in fast and Furious 6?

As it turned out, Brit actor Luke Evans nabbed the role Statham was thought to take initially and Fast & Furious 6 was shot by itself. According to today’s big scoop from AICN, much of that initial plan may actually hold true.

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