What are non photosynthetic corals?

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What are non photosynthetic corals?

Non photosynthetic corals (NPS) are some of the most unique corals you will ever see. They have the most odd shapes, textures, and cryptic behaviors. Their other name, azooxanthelle, suggests that their zooxanthelle is absent.

How do you care for gorgonians?

Photosynthetic gorgonians love light, so be sure to place them in an area of your tank where they will be under moderate to high lighting for several hours a day. Most gorgonians prefer to be placed upright, freestanding, and secured to a rock.

Are sea fans photosynthetic?

Sea fans can be found in just about every coral reef. These Gorgonians in particular come from the Caribbean. Intense lighting is recommended for best coloration and overall health. The Caribbean sea fans are photosynthetic and reside in shallow water.

Are all corals photosynthetic if not what types are not?

Nearly all coral are photosynthetic, gathering the majority of their energy from light. Some species of gorgonian coral however, do not. Some species of gorgonian coral require direct feeding and gather the majority of their energy from coral foods.

Do Gorgonians grow fast?

This Gorgonian has wonderful polyps and cuttings look like small Pacific Ocean soft corals from the species Sinnularia. This species is soft to the touch like Pseudoplexaura ssp. and it grows very fast.

Are gorgonian corals hard to keep?

Gorgonian coral are both the easiest, and possibly hardest coral to keep in the home aquarium. Some species of gorgonian coral are photosynthetic, like most other coral such as acropora, montipora, acans, zoanthids, etc. These photosynthetic gorgonian coral are very easy to care for and make amazing beginner coral!

Are soft corals photosynthetic?

Unlike stony corals, most soft corals thrive in nutrient-rich waters with less intense light. Almost all use symbiotic photosynthetic zooxanthella as a major energy source.

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