What was the West Coast Fever called?

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What was the West Coast Fever called?

Perth Orioles
In 2008, when the Commonwealth Bank Trophy was replaced by the ANZ Championship, Perth Orioles were rebranded as West Coast Fever.

Has West Coast Fever won a grand final?

Julie Fitzgerald’s shot at a sixth national netball league title is alive while Stacey Marinkovich signed off without silverware as Giants Netball booked a grand final berth with a 64-61 win against West Coast Fever on the Sunshine Coast.

Who Owns the West Coast Fever?

Netball WA
Off the court West Coast Fever had an historic 2017 year establishing the Club as a wholly owned subsidiary of Netball WA. This development of a separate entity is a first for netball and women’s sport throughout Australia.

Why are West Coast Fever wearing black armbands today?

Today players & staff are wearing black arm bands to honour board member Geoff Rasmussen, who tragically lost his battle with cancer last night.

Who is Stacey marinkovich married to?

Lindsay Marinkovich
She is married to Lindsay Marinkovich and has one son, Matthew, born in December 2019.

How many members does West Coast Fever have?

44,699 people
A total of 44,699 people attended a West Coast Fever home game last season, as we again made RAC Arena a fortress for our opposition.

Who is the coach of West Coast Fever?

Stacey Marinkovich
West Coast Fever/Head coaches

How do you get West Coast Fever?

Requests for a player appearance must be received via [email protected] at least four weeks prior to your event. West Coast Fever is committed to being involved in our community and value the opportunity to promote netball and a healthy lifestyle.

Where are the West Coast Fever from?

Western Australia, Australia
Perth, Australia
West Coast Fever/Locations

How much do Suncorp super netball players get paid?

In a two-year deal that benefits the athletes, the average potential maximum salary of contracted players will increase from $75,167 to $91,500. The average minimum player salary of contracted players will also rise, by 15 per cent, from $64,167 to $74,000.

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