How do I use Smart ink in Word?

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How do I use Smart ink in Word?

You can use the SMART Ink Toolbar for PowerPoint to write or draw in your presentation. and, optionally, select a line color and thickness. Write or draw in digital ink….Contents.

Overview Use SMART Ink with Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint.
Product SMART Ink 4 Microsoft Office

How do you use smart ink on a Smartboard?

In Windows 10 operating system, select Start > All apps, and then scroll to and select SMART Technologies > SMART Ink….

  1. Write or draw in the window (see Writing, drawing and erasing using SMART Ink 5).
  2. Tap.
  3. Tap In this window.
  4. Writing or drawing with SMART Ink no longer works in the window.

Can you use smart ink without Smartboard?

You can use only the ink tools in SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software if your computer isn’t connected to a SMART interactive product. When you use SMART Ink and write on your desktop, a SMART Ink Note appears, which makes your writing easier to read.

How do I use Smart ink in PDF?

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Pick up your SMART interactive product’s pen.
  3. Click. , and then select a label.
  4. Write or draw in the PDF file. The SMART Ink plugin applies the selected label to the digital ink.

How do I install smart ink?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Choose a version under SMART Product Drivers and Ink, and then select the latest version of the software for your operating system.
  3. Click Download. The Save As window opens.
  4. Save the file to a temporary location on your computer.

Does smart ink work?

SMART Ink™ enables you to write and draw in digital ink over open applications, files, folders, websites and any other open window on your computer. You to convert your digital ink notes to text. You can also move, erase and capture your notes as an image and save it to your SMART software.

Is smart ink free?

SMART Ink can be used to annotate over any application (program, web browser, etc.) And, just to reinforce the point, this software is free! If you would like to take advantage of the premium features of SMART Notebook and have access to SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO), you need to purchase a license.

How do you activate a Smartboard pen?

  1. Open the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar in full mode (see Opening the dynamic toolbar). OR.
  2. Press Pens .
  3. Press Pen Options , and then select Magic Pen .
  4. Set the color and line thickness for the magic pen.
  5. Write or draw in digital ink using the magic pen. The digital ink disappears after a few seconds.

What is a smart ink document viewer?

You can use the SMART Ink Document Viewer to view PDF files and write or draw over them. You can also navigate within files, magnify pages and save and print files, including your ink notes. When you install SMART software, you can make SMART Ink Document Viewer the default PDF viewer.

What does Smart ink do?

SMART Ink enables you to write or draw digital ink over open application files, folders, websites and any other open window on your computer. You can write with your interactive product’s tools or with the drawing tools in the SMART Ink toolbar.

How do I use Smart Install Manager?

You can use SMART Install Manager to customize the software….

  1. Insert the DVD in your computer’s DVD drive.
  2. Browse to DVD drive \Administrators\Windows , and then double‑click SMART Install Manager.exe . The SMART Install Manager installation wizard appears.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Where do I find smart ink on my Mac?

In OSX operating system software, press the SMART Board icon in the Mac menu bar, and then select Show Ink Toolbar. Pick up one of the interactive whiteboard’s pens. If the interactive whiteboard has a pen tray, press one of the Color Select buttons on the pen tray.

How does smart ink work on my computer?

By default, SMART Ink starts when you first log on to your computer. However, if SMART Ink isn’t set up to start automatically, you can start it manually. After SMART Ink starts, you can open the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar and use it to write and draw, convert handwriting to text, take screen captures and use favorites.

How do you draw a magnifier on smart ink?

To draw a magnifier Open the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar in full mode (see Opening the dynamic toolbar). OR Press Pens. Press Pen Options, and then select Magic Pen. Set the color and line thickness for the magic pen. Use the magic pen to draw a square or rectangle around the portion of the screen you want to magnify. A magnifier appears.

What kind of pictures can I use with smart ink?

If SMART Notebook is installed, you can use photographs or other picture files to create personal creative pens. Save the Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF picture file you want to use for a personal creative pen in a location you can access from the computer on which SMART Ink is installed.

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