How do I get from Krishnanagar to Mayapur?

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How do I get from Krishnanagar to Mayapur?

From Krishnanagar, you can catch a rickshaw to go to the bus terminal (“bus stand”) and catch a bus to ISKCON Mayapur. Or, you can get into a three-wheeler to go to Mayapur Ghat in Swarup Ganj (where Bhaktivinoda Thakura used to live), get on a boat to cross over the Jalangi river to reach Hular Ghat at Mayapur.

How do I get to Mayapur?

You can take a train from Howrah Junction Railway Station. The train passes through Nabadwip Dham. From the Nabadwip Dham Railway Station, you can take a taxi to reach Mayapur. It is at a distance of 30 km from Mayapur.

How do I get from Sealdah to Mayapur by train?

List of trains that run between SEALDAH and MAYAPUR

  1. 1) 37371 HWH-GOGT LOCAL.
  2. 2) 37359 HWH-ARAMBAGH LOCAL.
  3. 3) 37373 GOGHAT-HWH LOCAL.
  4. 4) 37361 HWH-ARAMBAGH LOCAL.
  5. 5) 37375 HWH-GOGT LOCAL.
  6. 6) 37363 HWH-ARAMBAGH LOCAL.
  7. 7) 37365 HWH-ARAMBAGH LOCAL.
  8. 8) 37367 HWH-AMBG LOCAL.

Can we stay in Mayapur?

Do you know, you can stay in Mayapur just for 100 rupees. The answer is Chaitanya Bhavan. Nabadwip Dham Mayapur Iskcon is the holy place of Hindus and is on the Jalangi Riverbank. It is situated 130 kilometers away from Kolkata and is the best tourist place in West Bengal.

How can I go to Iskcon?

Located in Rajaji Nagar, Iskcon can be reached easily by public transport as well. The nearest metro station to Iskcon Temple Bangalore is Sandal Soap Factory station (Green Line) while the nearest bus stop is Mahalakshmi Layout Entrance which is just 2 kilometers away from the temple.

How can I go to Nabadwip from Kolkata by train?

Some of the trains that operate between Kolkata and Nabadwip Dham include: GHY GARIB RATH , PURI KYQ EXPRESS. The first train on this route is PURI KYQ EXPRESS and leaves Kolkata at 07:30 am , and the last train from Kolkata to Nabadwip Dham is HWH KIR EXPRESS and leaves Kolkata at 22:00 pm.

Is jeans allowed in Iskcon Temple?

Another thing the temple had a dress code board on display which said ladies wearing only saree, salwar or kurti would be allowed in…. however we found ladies wearing jeans also going (though they were few in number)….. however one girl wearing three-fourth was stopped at the entrance.

Why is Nabadwip famous?

Known for its religious significance, it is home to a number of sacred temples. The city is especially a must-visit for those craving a spiritual experience. The Sonar Gouranga Temple, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, and the Dwadash Shiva Temple are some of the popular shrines in and around Nabadwip.

Can we stay at Iskcon?

The temple complex has a beautiful Guest house, very well furnished, well maintained Rooms with courteous staff equipped with dining facilities catering divine Prasadams . Persons who are life members as well as Dharmadhikari’s are provided free accomodation for specific periods.

Can a married woman join ISKCON?

Anyone can join ISKCON as a devotee and they can leave it whenever they want to. There are instances of people leaving our organisation after working in it for 2-3 years. There is no restrictions on leaving the organisation at all. Are there any restrictions on devotees getting married?

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