How much should a full interior detail cost?

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How much should a full interior detail cost?

If you have an average-sized vehicle and you opt for the basic car detailing services, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $125. If you have an SUV or a van, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150.

How much should I tip for a $100 car detail?

If you don’t know what to tip the vehicle detailing crew, a 10 to 15% tip is a good place to start. For example, if the total cost of the vehicle detailing service is $100, give a gratuity of $10-$15. Overall, the tip you offer should be based on the quality of labor and the value of the service provided.

Is detailing worth the money?

Detailing your vehicle is absolutely worth it, and not just because it saves you from washing your own car. Regular detailing will have valuable benefits for your vehicle, from classic cars to daily drivers.

How much should I charge for mobile detailing?

ANSWER: Basic car detailing service involves a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window washing, mirror and trim cleaning, and tire shining. Depending on the package and the add-ons, you can expect to charge anywhere from $35 to $100 for an average vehicle.

Do you tip a detailer?

If you have only availed of the basic washing and drying, you can tip around $2 to $5 to the car wash attendant. So if the car detailing you have availed of costs you $100, you can give around $10-$20 to the car detailer. But you should only tip that much if you have observed an excellent job from the car detailer.

How long does it take to fully detail a car inside and out?

Assuming your car is not excessively dirty and is medium sized, then the detailing will take anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours.

Is Mobile detailing profitable?

ANSWER: Annually, Full-time owners can earn figures as high as $75,000 in profits. Those that operate part-time can earn as much as $50,000. The average order at MobileWash is around $70 and about 75% of that money goes to the detailer.

Is there a price list for detailing services?

If by chance you do not see the right combination of services please contact us by phone or email we would be happy to put together a detailing package that suit’s your specific need’s. All pricing is subject to change without notice, we will make every effort to keep this price list as current and up to date as possible.

What’s the average price for car detailing in Oregon?

The state with the highest average price for detailing is Oregon with an average price of $258. The range in this state is $186.67 on the low end and $296 on the high end.

What happens if you charge too much for car detailing?

If you want to make more money as a detailing business, you need to charge your customers the right price. If your detailing services are priced too low, you’re leaving money on the table. But if your prices are too high, you might lose customers to your competition.

Which is the best app for auto detailing?

Mobile Tech RX provides tools and resources to help detailing and auto recon professionals start and grow their businesses. Learn more about Mobile Tech RX and why thousands of business owners have tried our #1 app for detailing. The average detailing price around the country is $160.16.

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