What are the festivals in Region 4a Calabarzon?

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What are the festivals in Region 4a Calabarzon?

THE BEST 10 Festivals in Calabarzon, Rizal, Philippines

  • Pasinaya Festival. 19.6 mi. Festivals.
  • Higantes Festival. 8.7 mi. Festivals, Local Flavor.
  • UP Lantern Parade. 15.0 mi. Festivals.
  • Aliwan Fiesta. 20.5 mi.
  • San Juan Town Fiesta. 16.4 mi.
  • Anilag Festival. 23.1 mi.
  • Feast of the Black Nazarene. 19.9 mi.
  • Pahiyas Festival. 37.3 mi.

What is the Festival of Calabarzon?

LUCENA CITY — Quezon province’s annual “Niyogyugan Festival” has been named by the Department of Tourism (DOT) as the destination of the year in the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) region in 2016.

What is Region 4a known?

The Region is located in the in the adjacent south of Metro Manila. It is among the three regions that comprise a contiguous urban beltway corridor identified as the nucleus of industrialization in the Philippines. It is known as the industrial powerhouse of the Philippines.

What is the famous festival in Cavite?

Regada Festival
Regada Festival Cavite City Regada is a festival in Cavite City in which the merry-making is centered on sprinkling water. It is a week-long celebration starting on the second week of June and ends on the feast day of St. John the Baptist, June 24. Regar is a Spanish word meaning ‘to sprinkle’ or ‘to water’.

What makes CALABARZON unique?

Known for its white beaches, cultural heritage sites dating back to the Spanish era, marine sanctuary, majestic mountains, among others, the region is a favorite spot to many local and international travellers.

What is the culture of Region 4a?

CALABARZON is also rich in cultural traditions. Laguna is known for embroidery, wood carving, and papier-mâché (locally known as taka). Quezon has harvest festivals and flamboyantly decorated houses. Rizal has artisan villages and art galleries.

What are the festivals in Bicol?


Guinobatan Longganisa Festival August 5-15 Guinobatan, Albay
Ibalong Festival August 12-30 Legazpi City
Busig-On Festival September 7-9 Labo, Camarines Norte
Traslacion (Penafrancia Festival) September 13 Naga City

Why is region 4a and 4b separated?

In 1979, Aurora formally became a province independent of Quezon and was also included in Region IV. Due to its size, Region IV was split into two separate regions, Region IV-A (Calabarzon) and Region IV-B (MIMAROPA). Aurora was transferred to Region III, Central Luzon.

What is Anilag festival?

A portmanteau of the words “Ani” (Harvest) and “Laguna”, Anilag is an annual celebration of goods, commodities, and other crops produced in the province of Laguna. The week-long event features contests, parades, and a showcase of various booths of each municipality in the province.


Etymology. The name of the region is an acronym of its five component provinces: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon.

What are the special occasions or festivals in Region 4A?

The Hagisan Festival, Turumba Festival, and Angel Festival are among the many festivals in the region. Q: What are the special occasions or festivals in Region 4A in the Philippines?

Where is Region 4A located in the Philippines?

Region 4A (CALABARZON) CALABARZON is composed by the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon; the acronym is derived from the first two letters of every province that composes it. The region is located in southwestern Luzon, just south and east of Metro Manila and is the second most densely populated region.

What are the festival in Calabarzon region in the Philippines?

Region 4A of the Philippines is Calabarzon. One special event is the traditional celebration of Pahiyas to give thanks for a bountiful harvest, held each year on May 15. The Hagisan Festival, Turumba Festival, and Angel Festival are among the many festivals in the region.

What are the festivals in Region 12 Philippines?

Some of the festivals in Region 12 of the Philippines include the Munato Festival and the Lemlunay Cultural Festival. Another festival in Region 12 is the Eid El Fitir. What are the festival in region 2 Philippines?

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