Is a 10 centavo coin a currency?

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Is a 10 centavo coin a currency?

The Philippine ten-centavo coin (10¢) coin is a denomination of the Philippine peso. The denomination is still legal tender until the demonetization of the BSP Coin Series. …

How much is 5 centavos worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mark Value, USD
1945 S $ 1.26
1944 $ 1.53
1944 S $ 1.46

How much is a centavo worth?

The larger bronze coloured 20c coin ceased production in 2009, but this small silver coin is still minted in Mexico today. The 20c coin is worth the equivalent of $0.20 Mexican Pesos. Do you have a 20 Centavos coin Mexico?

Who is in the 50 pesos Philippines?

Speaker Sergio Osmeña
Philippine president and former House Speaker Sergio Osmeña is currently featured on the front side of the bill, while the Taal Lake and the giant trevally (known locally as maliputo) are featured on the reverse side.

How much is a 1944 fifty centavos worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mark Value, USD
1945 S $ 14.75
1944 S $ 9.99

Who is in the 5 centavos coin?

The five (5) peso coins have the number 5 and the face or profile of Andres Bonifacio on the obverse (front). There is a logo of the Central Bank of the Philippines and the plant called Tayabak on the reverse (back).

How big is a 10 centavo coin in the Philippines?

Philippines Value 0.10 Philippine peso Mass 2.5 g Diameter 17.00 mm Thickness 1.63 mm

Where are the 10 centavos located in the world?

Weltmünzkatalog / 20. Jahrhundert: 1901-2000 (47. Auflage). Gietl Verlag, Regenstauf, Germany. And 2 more volumes. Eagle above shield, date below. Mintmark to left of date Lady standing wearing a flowing dress, right hand holding a hammer resting on an anvil. Active volcano (Mt. Mayon) on right

How much is a 1960 10 centavos coin worth?

BETTER GRADE LOT 6 PHILIPPINES 10 CENTAVOS-1960,1962,1963, (2)1964,1966-JAN459 $4.73 Philippines 10 Centavos 1966 Copper-Nickel-Zinc ChBU – Struck Off-Center Error $23.00 10 Centavos Philippines Coins 1960 $7.00.

How much is a 1915 10 centavos worth?

1907S Year/Mint Denom Mintage 1915S 10 Centavos 450,000 1917S 10 Centavos 5,991,000 1918S 10 Centavos 8,420,000 1919S 10 Centavos 1,630,000

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