How did Chilean miners get trapped?

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How did Chilean miners get trapped?

He and other miners were trapped by a mine collapse on Aug. 5, 2010 at the San José mine, a small deposit nestled among dusty, desert hills near the city of Copiapó, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) north of Santiago. The miners have since become stars.

How did the Chilean miners survive for 69 days?

The miners had a 50 square meters (540 sq ft) emergency shelter with two long benches, but ventilation problems had led them to move out to a tunnel. In addition to the shelter, they had some 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) of galleries in which to move around. The miners used backhoes to dig for underground water sources.

What has happened to the 33 Chilean miners?

On August 5, 2010, just after lunch, part of the San Jose copper mine in northern Chile collapsed underground, turning the 33 men — aged from 19 to 63 at the time — into prisoners. It took 17 days to even find them alive 600 meters (nearly 2,000 feet) below, at the bottom of the century-old mine.

Is the 33 A true story?

The film is based on the real events of the 2010 mining disaster, in which a group of thirty-three miners were trapped inside the San José Mine in Chile for 69 days. The film stars Antonio Banderas as trapped miner Mario Sepúlveda.

How much did the miners get paid?

Miners Industry According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary of all miners in 2019 ranged from ​$56,320​ to ​$48,180​, depending on the specific role.

Do miners make good money?

An Underground Coal Miner in your area makes on average $51,075 per year, or $1,182 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $49,893. Find your next high paying job as an Underground Coal Miner on ZipRecruiter today.

What is the highest paid mining job?

Fortune hunters: the top ten best paid mining jobs

  • Project director/ drilling operations director – up to $400,000.
  • Project Controls and Site Managers – up to $350,000.
  • Engineers – up to $240,000.
  • Geologists – up to $230,000.
  • Metallurgists – up to $220,000.
  • Geophysicists – up to $200,000.

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