Is the Yamaha TDM 900 made of steel?

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Is the Yamaha TDM 900 made of steel?

Based on the same design concept as the original, the 900 gave Yamaha a chance to update the TDM’s specification. So while the frame looks similar to the old bike, it is made of aluminium rather than steel, and the engine uses modern internals, including ceramic-coated bores, but is broadly similar to the old motor.

What’s the difference between the TDM900 and tdm800?

As well as producing significantly more torque at 6,000rpm, the new TDM900 engine also delivers much higher levels of low to mid-range pulling power for even stronger all-round versatility. Complementing the increase in engine size and power output are a number of new lightweight engine internals.

Is the post 96 TDM 900 a good motorcycle?

All TDMs are brilliant motorcycles, the post 96 850s and later 900s with 270degree firing order are sublime. Let us know how you get on. I have just finished with the looking.

What kind of bike is a Yamaha TDM?

Yamaha product planners often hear sentences like : “TDM is many bikes in one: a sportsbike on small roads, a tourer on longer trips and a powerful commuter in city traffic.” Even completely new, the unmistakable face of the TDM remained

Which is the new frame on the TDM900?

One of the most significant changes on the TDM900 is the all-new aluminium frame which replaces the previous model’s steel design. Featuring widely-spaced twin spars and a detachable sub frame, this new frame is 29% lighter than its predecessor, and at the same time offers much greater torsional, vertical and horizontal rigidity.

How does the flap work on a Yamaha TDM 900?

Engine is starved of air below 4000 rpm by the closed flap. The flap is under the control of the ECU, which triggers it around 3500-4000 rpm. Flap works in an full open / full closed mode, without any progressive or smooth control. […] Actualy the air-intake flap is required to comply with stiffer pollution & intake noise regulation (EURO2).

Are there any changes to the Yamaha TDM?

Other changes include a new fuel-injection system. From the rider’s seat, the TDM has an updated dash, but the rest of the bike feels similar to the older machine. The engine offers torquey progress, but is flat compared to some competing designs. The chassis works well though, and the front brakes are superb.

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