What does untenable situation mean?

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What does untenable situation mean?

When untenable entered English in the 17th century it meant “unable to be held against attack.” That sense still holds true: you can use the adjective untenable to describe any situation, position, or theory that simply can’t be defended.

What is a synonym for unsustainable?

untenable, non-viable, non-sustainable, unbearable, intolerable, expendable, unviable, indefensible, non-durable, insupportable, unsupportable, unacceptable, nonviable.

What is unambiguous information?

If something is unambiguous, there are no two ways to interpret it. If your girlfriend burns all your letters, texts you that she hates you, and moves a thousand miles away, the unambiguous message is that she’s finished with you.

What do you call a person who doesn’t want to do anything?

nonconformist Add to list Share. A nonconformist is someone who doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas of how things should be. Nonconformist is one of those words that has both a noun and an adjective form.

What does Untenantable mean?

: incapable of being occupied or lived in an untenantable house an untenantable island.

What language is bona fide?

Bona fide means “in good faith” in Latin. Bona fide also has the noun form bona fides; when someone asks about someone else’s bona fides, it usually means evidence of their qualifications or achievements.

Which word can best replace unsustainable?

synonyms for unsustainable

  • unsuitable.
  • unendurable.
  • unfeasible.
  • implausible.
  • temporary.
  • unworkable.
  • unviable.

What does unsustainably mean?

: not capable of being prolonged or continued : not sustainable unsustainable agricultural practices unsustainable growth.

What is clear and unambiguous?

adjective. If you describe a message or comment as unambiguous, you mean that it is clear and cannot be understood wrongly. an election result that sent the party an unambiguous message. The close-up photography and commentary are clear and unambiguous.

Which is the best definition of the word incogitable?

Definition of incogitable : impossible to accept or believe : unthinkable, inconceivable

What does it mean to go into incognito mode?

The word incognito means to hide one’s true identity. The hero in a story might “travel incognito” so as to not be discovered. Incognito mode on Android devices is similar; it’s a way to hide yourself as you travel the web. Incognito mode as realized in Google Chrome on Android basically hides your browsing history so others can’t see

What happens when you close the incognito window on Chrome?

Click New incognito window. If you don’t see this option, incognito browsing may be restricted in your Chrome browser. Once you close your incognito tab, any downloads and page-viewing history from your private browsing session will be erased.

Is there a way to shut down incognito on Android?

Anyone who opens Chrome will land right smack in the middle of that content. Chrome in Android gives you the option to end all incognito tabs from the quick settings menu. It appears as a silent notification. Simply tap the “close all incognito tabs” notification and it will silently shut everything down on the sly.

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