What size do T5 bulbs come in?

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What size do T5 bulbs come in?

T5 lamps are available for standard output and high output. The wattages for standard T5 lamps are 14, 21, 28, and 35 watts. The high-output T5 (T5 HO) lamps are available in 24, 39, 54, and 80 watts (49-watt T5 HO lamps are also available from GE Lighting).

How long is a 28W T5?

28w T5 Daylight/86 Fluorescent Tube. N.B. Overall length including pins is 1163mm. EXCLUDING pins it is 1149mm.

How many lumens is a 28W T5?

5000 Lumen
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How long are 4FT T5 bulbs?

Better Brighter Light Bulbs

2FT T5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 4FT T5 Foldable Grow Light Stand
Length 2 feet 4 feet
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What is T5 fluorescent tubes?

A T5 is a type of fluorescent tube. It differs from a T12 and a T8 in its diameter. All T5s are 5/8ths of an inch (T8s are exactly 1inch thick and T12s are 12/8ths or 1.5 inches thick). T5s are 16mm in diameter making them the thinnest fluorescent tube out of the three.

What is the T in a T5 fluorescent lamp mean?

What Is T5, T8 and T12 Lighting? Classification. The letter T is used in front of the number to show that the fluorescent light is a tube and not a bulb like traditional lights are. T12 Type. Since their conception in the 1930s, fluorescent T12 bulbs were the choice of building contractors. T8 Type. T5 Type. Future Technology.

How many watts are in a fluorescent light bulb?

For lumens in 500 to 600 range, it takes about 55 watts for an incandescent bulb to operate, while it takes only 10 watts for a fluorescent light. A 75-watt energy use on an incandescent light would only need to be 11 to 15 watts on a fluorescent light.

How do you replace a fluorescent light bulb?

Replacing Fluorescent Bulbs Turn off the light switch and allow the tubes to cool for a half-hour or so. Turn the tube one-quarter turn with your fingers and pull straight down with both hands. Look at the markings stamped on the fluorescent tube near the metal socket at the ends and write them down for ordering reference.

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