What is SCCM client used for?

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What is SCCM client used for?

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is an administration tool that enables organizations to manage and safeguard devices and software within its environment. SCCM takes care of the hardware inventory, distributing software and patches, and more.

What is Configuration Manager client?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a Windows product that enables the management, deployment and security of devices and applications across an enterprise. Amongst other potential uses, administrators will commonly use SCCM for endpoint protection, patch management and software distribution.

How do you manage clients in Configuration Manager?

Manage clients from the Devices node

  1. Import user device affinity. Configure the associations between users and devices, so you can efficiently deploy software to users.
  2. Import computer information.
  3. Add selected items.
  4. Install client.
  5. Run script.
  6. Install application.
  7. Reassign site.
  8. Client settings – Resultant client settings.

How do I install SCCM client?

How to Manually Install SCCM Client Agent

  1. Login to the computer with an account that has admin privileges.
  2. Click Start and run the command prompt as administrator.
  3. Change the folder path to SCCM client agent install files.
  4. Run the command – ccmsetup.exe /install to manually install the agent.

How do I find my SCCM client?

How to Check the SCCM Client Version Number

  1. On the computer, go to Control Panel and find “Configuration Manager” applet.
  2. Click on Configuration Manager applet.
  3. Under Configuration Manager properties, click General tab.
  4. In the General Tab, you will find the SCCM client version number.

Does SCCM require VPN?

Typically in Configuration Manager, most of the managed computers and servers are physically on the same internal network as the site system servers that perform management functions. This ability doesn’t require the clients to connect via VPN to reach the site system servers.

How do I install Configuration Manager client?

What is the role of Configuration Manager?

Configuration management is the discipline that ensures every company-owned software or hardware is in the record and is being tracked all the time. It ensures all the future planning and changes regarding these assets are known and are being updated in the records regularly.

How do I activate SCCM client?

Select the site for which you want to configure software update-based client installation. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Settings group, select Client Installation Settings, and then select Software Update-Based Client Installation. Select Enable software update-based client installation.

How does a Configuration Manager work on a computer?

If the Configuration Manager client is installed on a computer, the computer receives client policy from the site. This policy includes the software update-point server name and port from which to get software updates.

How to install a client in Configuration Manager?

Select the system types to which Configuration Manager should push the client software. Select whether you want to install the client on domain controllers. On the Accounts tab, specify one or more accounts for Configuration Manager to use when it connects to the target computer.

When to modify to configure security configuration manager?

When more than one valid PKI client certificate is available on a client, select Modify to configure the client certificate selection methods. For more information about the client certificate selection method, see Planning for PKI client certificate selection.

When to add another account to Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager also adds the parent site’s computer account to the group on the new site server. If you specify another account for file-based transfers, add that account to this group on the destination site server.

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