How is technology changing the lives of seniors?

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How is technology changing the lives of seniors?

In 2019, more than half of older adults bought a new tech product, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or smart home device. 1 Once seniors are connected to the internet, getting online becomes part of their daily routine. In fact, roughly 75 percent of older adults with an internet connection report that they use it daily. 2

Is it safe for older adults to use technology?

Aging in place is an attractive option for many older adults. And thanks to advances in technology, it’s a safe and realistic option for the majority of Americans enjoying their golden years. Assistive devices, mobile apps, and medical alert systems can work together to keep you safe and independent in your home, even as your health needs change.

How are young people adapting to new technology?

“Young people have seen all these different facilities, adapted them and changed the means of communication.” MTV’s recently released Generations report on the lives of the MTV (ages 16 to 24) and VH1 (ages 25 to 44) generations defines how technology has driven differences between these age groups.

Is it possible to save energy in older buildings?

Of course, it is only possible to start saving energy when you know where and how energy is being wasted. While older buildings may still only have meters that measure overall consumption, newer facilities tend to use sub-meters to monitor energy consumption of individual floors, departments or even large pieces of equipment.

What can older adults do with their computers?

Through technology, we can check in with family and friends, share our knowledge and volunteer our time with our communities, stay in touch with our health care providers, find healthy foods, perform meaningful work, and learn new skills – all from a safe distance.

Are there any free resources for older adults?

LA County Library offers free public resources including books, music, multimedia materials, computer and internet access, and educational and recreational services. FlexTogether is the online fitness studio designed for older adults.

How can IoT technology help aging parents?

Adults who are aging in place may not need daily care and assistance, but IoT sensors can monitor vital signs and environmental conditions to ensure that they are healthy and safe living independently. How Can Innovative Technology Help Long-Distance Caregivers Care for Aging Parents?

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