What is a self-steering wind vane?

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What is a self-steering wind vane?

Self-steering gear achieves this by presenting a vane directly into the wind. When the wind acts on either side of this vane, it tips, transferring this action through the mechanism below to either a rudder or a servo pendulum which acts on the main rudder, altering the boat’s course.

How does an Aries wind vane work?

When feathered correctly the vane is vertical or in line with the Gear. As the yacht goes off course the wind comes round on one side of the vane deflecting it from the vertical on its pivot shaft which in turn deflects the servo rudder from ‘dead ahead’ pulling the steering lines as previously mentioned.

What is the best wind vane?

Best Windvane Self-steering ?

  • Aries. Votes: 19 17.3%
  • Capehorn. Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Fleming. Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Hydrovane. Votes: 44 40.0%
  • Monitor. Votes: 20 18.2%
  • Neptune. Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Sailomat. Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sea feather. Votes: 7 6.4%

How does a Cape Horn work?

The leading edge of the vane is set facing into the wind, and when the boat veers off course, the wind catches one of the vane’s flat sides, causing it to topple over. A linkage inside the vertical tube transfers that force to the steering oar, rotating it like a rudder on a vertical axis.

What do you know about wind vane?

A wind vane (also known as a weathervane) is an instrument that tells you the wind direction. Specifically, a wind vane lets you know what direction the wind is coming from.

Why is the weather so bad at Cape Horn?

Cape Horn marks the point at which the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet – which is what makes the passage so treacherous. Extreme low-pressure systems whirl across the sea, creating the dreaded williwaw winds. These gusts are sudden, unpredictable and frequent – and with bigger winds, come bigger waves.

How do you set up a wind vane?


  1. Place the paper plate on a flat surface and put the wind vane on the plate.
  2. Use the compass to show the students where north is so that they can set up their plates facing the right direction.
  3. Students will observe the vane.
  4. Check the direction on the paper plate.

What is the function of wind vane?

The wind vane, used for indicating wind direction, is one of the oldest meteorological instruments. When mounted on an elevated shaft or spire, the vane rotates under the influence of the wind such that its center of pressure rotates to leeward and the vane points into the wind (Figure 3).

Who is providing spare parts for Aries self steering gear?

Providing Rebuild Kits and Spare Parts Service for Original Aries Self-Steering Gears Welcome to the home of the original Aries Vane Gear. Nick had begun compiling a history of Aries Vane Gear.

When was the first Aries wind vane made?

This is the First Aries Vane Gearproduced in 1968. Built of bronze and stainless. Featured bevel gear transmission between wind vane and servo rudder to prevent ‘oversteer.’ The bevel gears have been used on every Aries produced since then.

Which is offical site of Aries Vane gears?

The offical site of Aries Vane Gears Aries – Providing Vane Gear Spares and information Nick Franklin 1943 – 2010. Always there in the sound of the sea and the cry of the gull. Aries Spares Providing Rebuild Kits and Spare Parts Service for Original Aries Self-Steering Gears

What kind of gear does Aries No 2 use?

Aries No 2 – The Aries Horizontally Pivoted Vane Gear This set a new world standard in performance especially sailing down wind. Many parts of the linkage between the wind vane and servo rudder are the same as the later Aries.

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