Which rapper has a PhD?

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Which rapper has a PhD?

Waka Flocka has just been given an honorary doctorate degree in philanthropy and humanitarianism. The rapper, now holding a “Dr.” to his name, has joined a list of other artists who have also received doctorates — Kanye West, who received his from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; P.

Who is the most intelligent rapper?

Most Intelligent Rappers (via your votes) 1. Kendrick (6.59% of votes) 2. Andre 3000 (6.48%) 3.

Did Jay Z graduate high school?

Trenton Central High School
K605 George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High SchoolEli Whitney High School
Jay Z/Education

He then attended nearby George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School with rappers The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes, followed by a stint at Trenton Central High School in Trenton, New Jersey, though he did not graduate.

Did Lil Wayne go to Harvard?

Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s college major was Psychology at the University of Houston and at the University of Phoenix, and Lil Wayne’s college degree was an honorary one in this area of study granted by the University of Houston in 2008.

What rapper went to Harvard?

Ryan Leslie
Born September 25, 1978 Washington D.C., United States
Other names Castor Troy
Education Bear Creek High School, Harvard University (BS)
Occupation Singer songwriter record producer record executive arranger entrepreneur visual artist

Who is the smartest of all time?

To those who knew of his son, William James Sidis was quite possibly the smartest man who ever lived. Born in Boston in 1898, William James Sidis made the headlines in the early 20th century as a child prodigy with an amazing intellect. His IQ was estimated to be 50 to 100 points higher than Albert Einstein’s.

What famous person dropped out of high school?

Simon Cowell dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and ended up working in the mail room at the music label EMI. He has went on to build his own musical empire with talent shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor.”

Which rappers dropped out of school?

Jay-Z. This is probably the most successful high school drop out on the list. Jay-Z did not graduate from high school. Drawn to the streets, Jay Z dropped out of school and began selling crack in his neighborhood.

Are there any rappers that have a college degree?

The College Consensus ranking of the Top 10 Rappers with College Degrees is focused on the hip-hop legends and stars who have done their time in higher education and earned degrees – even if they don’t boast about their BAs along with their gold chains and Lambos (although rap stardom might be a good way to pay off student loans ).

What are some good Hip Hop Songs about education?

Nas giving a positive message to the youth – staying in school. With uplifting lyrics and a steller last verse, this song can motivate and inspire. Nas comes with amazing lyrics thoughtfully written.

Who are the best rappers in the world?

Eminem raps with a vocabulary rivalling Shakespeare’s, while Wu-Tang members GZA and Ghostface Killah have vocabularies even larger. Hip-hop producers have been responsible for more technical innovations in recording than they will likely ever be fully credited for. For the most part, though, those skills are self-taught, not from formal education.

Who is the greatest hip hop lyricist of all time?

Any ranking of the greatest hip-hop lyricists that doesn’t include Talib Kweli near the top is automatically wrong.

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