How do you beat Clockwerk in Dota?

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How do you beat Clockwerk in Dota?

Medallion of Courage will allow enemies to quickly kill Clockwerk, making his initiation short-lived. Hurricane Pike can also do this while pushing Clockwerk on the other side of the cogs. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity will keep enemies safe from Clockwerk until Power Cogs go down.

Who can counter Tinker dota2?


Hero Dis. Matches Played
Visage 3.27% 9,964
Death Prophet 3.22% 17,210
Templar Assassin 2.74% 55,471
Anti-Mage 2.50% 132,001

What hero counters Clockwerk?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Huskar 1.35% 46.57%
Timbersaw 1.34% 50.45%
Storm Spirit 1.32% 50.79%
Chaos Knight 1.20% 45.44%

Who is good against drow?

Drow RangerCounters

Hero Dis. Matches Played
Phantom Lancer 2.02% 77,278
Pudge 1.82% 217,284
Sniper 1.81% 184,166
Bloodseeker 1.62% 67,272

How do you counter Riki?

Ghost Scepter is another great item to escape, as it prevents all physical damage from Riki and set up a safe windows to TP away. Shadow Blade can be used as a mean of escape, but Riki can easily counter it with Dust of Appearance, further securing the kill.

Is drow ranger good?

The key role of Drow Ranger in the game is to deal damage and demolish her opponents in fights in all stages of the game. The hero is also very good at farming, destroying towers and decent at split pushing.

Is drow a hard carry?

Drow Ranger is a ranged Agility hero who is generally played as a hard-carry or semi-carry. In the current state of the game, Drow Ranger is most often played as a carry in the easy lane (also known as the safe lane) and less often in the mid lane.

How do you counter enigma?

An isolated Enigma in the early game can be easily killed by Storm Spirit thanks his higher mobility and dueling potential. However, Storm Spirit can be killed when caught by Enigma’s full combo, especially if Enigma has Black King Bar.

How do you counter Riki in 2021?

Who is the original Clockwerk the Goblin guide?

This guide is an updated guide to Clockwerk, aka Rattletrap, the original was written by Syaska ( Guide ). I feel placing and updating this guide here on Dota 2 will help more newer player to be able to play this extremely fun hero.

When to pick Clockwerk in Dota 2 meta?

Learn how to counter and when to pick Clockwerk from our list of counters and matchups updated for the current meta.

Can you kill Clockwerk with hand of God?

Mana Break depletes Clockwerk’s much-needed mana. Due to Clockwerk’s slow damage output, Chen can often save a trapped enemy with Hand of God. Penitence ‘s damage amplification may allow Chen and his allies to kill Clockwerk quickly after his initiation.

Do you need a chicken for Clockwerk in Dota?

Every hero in dota needs a chicken and Clockwerk is no exception. Even more if he is laning solo (tip if you are support and wonder what to buy first Animal Courier or Observer Ward, ALWAYS choose the courier it will help the team more). The courier will be able to bring your all important Bottle .

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