How much does a CRF 450 Supermoto cost?

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How much does a CRF 450 Supermoto cost?


How much does a Honda Super Moto cost?


How much is a CRF 450 worth?

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*Private Price Guide $6,650 – $7,900
*Trade In Price Guide $4,650 – $5,550
*Price When New $12,198; Price Guide (Driveaway)

Does Honda make a Supermoto?

Which one does it for you? Built from the bones of Honda’s race-ready CRF450RX – Honda has joined forces with Italian race specialists RedMoto to unveil a new CRF450XR in both Enduro and Supermoto form.

Is crf450r street legal?

The CRF450RL is equipped with a catalytic converter and is fully street legal in all 50 states—and off-road capable just about anywhere on the planet.

Is the 2021 CRF450X street legal?

The CRF450RL meets EPA and DOT standards for the street, while the CRF450X is off-road legal in all 50 states.

Can you ride a supermoto on the highway?

There is no “real” supermoto that is highway friendly. The closest you will find is a KTM 690 or DRZ400SM.

How much horsepower does the 2021 Honda 450r have?

55.2 hp @
Cycle World Tested Specifications

Seat Height: 37.6 in.
Wet Weight: 244 lb.
Rear-wheel Horsepower: 55.2 hp @ 9,300 rpm
Rear-wheel Torque: 35.1 lb.-ft. @ 7,100 rpm

Are Supermoto good on the highway?

I have owned both a DRZ SM and a 690 SMC and hands down the SMC is a better highway bike. The 6 speeds allows easier cruising at 75-80 mph without revving the engine too much. That being said, the DRZ can definitely handle long trips on the slab. You just might have to stick below 70 mph or change the gearing.

What kind of motorcycle is the Honda CRF 450?

Honda : CRF 05 honda crf 450 x supermoto motard street legal. $8,000. Boise, Idaho. Year 2005. Make Honda. Model CRF. Category Dual Purpose Motorcycles. Engine 450.

Is the CRF450 supermoto bike street legal?

Bike is fully street legal and registered with title in hand. Bought as a dual sport last year and converted it to supermoto myself. Warp 9 elites are only a year old and tires only have a few hundred miles on them. Oil and trans fluid changed every 6-8 hours of riding with OEM Honda fluids and filter.

Is the Honda CRF250L Supermoto for sale?

Buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements and cost. This sale includes bike as shown in ad, additional used plastic set, mics brackets and hardware from conversion. I am reluctantly selling my 2016 Honda CRF250L supermoto. The bike has approx. 600 miles and is in excellent condition with a clean Florida title.

What kind of license does a Honda crf450rl have?

2022 Honda® CRF450RL, 2022 Honda® CRF450RL LICENSE TO EXPLORE Set a course for your favorite trail, and turn the world into your playground, on the LICENSE TO EXPLORESet a course for your favorite trail, and turn the world into your playground, on the incredible 2022 Honda CRF450RL.

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