What is horizontal directional drilling method?

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What is horizontal directional drilling method?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a method of installing underground pipelines, cables and service conduit through trenchless methods. It involves the use of a directional drilling machine, and associated attachments, to accurately drill along the chosen bore path and back ream the required pipe.

What are the different types of horizontal directional drilling?

Horizontal directional drilling machines are divided into three categories large-diameter HDD (maxi-HDD), medium-diameter HDD (midi-HDD), and small-diameter HDD (mini-HDD). There is no significant difference in the operation of these systems.

How accurate is horizontal directional drilling?

Highly accurate The accuracy of the tool is 0.01° in pitch and 0.04° in azimuth. At the same time the tool is not affected by magnetic fields from for example railways and cables.

How is directional drilling controlled?

In order to be able to change the direction of drilling, the drill pipe cannot rotate as it does in traditional drilling. Instead, only the drill bit at the front end of the drill pipe is rotated. The drilling mud, which is constantly pumped down the pipe, is used as a source of power to turn the bit.

How is horizontal drilling done?

Horizontal drilling is the process of drilling a well from the surface to a subsurface location just above the target oil or gas reservoir called the “kickoff point”, then deviating the well bore from the vertical plane around a curve to intersect the reservoir at the “entry point” with a near-horizontal inclination.

How long does horizontal directional drilling take?

How long will HDD construction take? Completion of each siphon will take approximately 4-6 weeks. This includes about 3-4 weeks of drilling and 1-2 weeks to pull the pipe back.

What is the technical specification for directional drilling?

Technical Specification 015.01 DIRECTIONAL DRILLING 1.0 General a) The intent of this specification is to provide general technical guidance to the utility contractor for the installation of pipelines using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques. b) The utility contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals

What is Stage 3 of horizontal directional drilling?

Stage 3 of the horizontal directional drilling process is p ullback. Once the directionally drilled hole is enlarged, the conduit can be pulled through it. The pipeline is prefabricated at the end of the bore opposite the drill rig. A reamer is attached to the drill string, and then connected to the product by a pulling head and swivel.

How does a horizontal directional drilling rig work?

The swivel allows for the reamer to turn without the product turning. The directional drilling rig then begins the pullback operation, rotating and pulling on the drill string as well as circulating drilling fluids.

How does the pullback of a directional drill work?

The pullback continues until the reamer exits the bore path by the directional drill rig and the pipeline is in place. If the horizontally bored conduit is to carry power lines, fiber optic cable, or some other product, an aircraft cable is inserted into the pipe prior to pulling into position.

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