What Holdings does QQQ have?

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What Holdings does QQQ have?

Apple is one of the most important companies for QQQ investors. It became the first U.S. company to achieve a market cap of $2 trillion in August 2020….QQQ ETF Top Holdings.

Invesco QQQ ETF Top Holdings
Stock Share of QQQ
Apple (AAPL) 13.39%
Microsoft (MSFT) 10.76%
Amazon (AMZN) 10.66%

Does Invesco own QQQ?

It’s the Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQM). Like the Invesco QQQ Trust, it owns all 100 of the largest non-financial companies on the Nasdaq. But it does it for 0.15% a year, or 25% less than the 0.2% the QQQ charges.

What stocks are similar to QQQ?

The QQQ fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) within the PowerShares family….Extremely Similar Funds.

99.8% 99.2%
iShares Vanguard Mutual Funds
Russell Top 200 Growth ETF Growth Index Admiral Shares

What are the top 10 holdings of QQQ?

Top 10 Holdings

  • Apple AAPL Allocation: 10.99%
  • Microsoft MSFT Allocation: 9.81%
  • Amazon AMZN Allocation: 8.34%
  • Facebook FB Allocation: 4.01%
  • Alphabet ‘C’ GOOG Allocation: 3.90%
  • Tesla TSLA Allocation: 3.90%
  • Nvidia NVDA Allocation: 3.65%
  • Alphabet ‘A’ GOOGL Allocation: 3.53%

What ETF has Amazon and Google?

FAANG is an acronym for five high-performing technology stocks in the U.S. equity markets – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet Inc.).

Does SPY and QQQ correlation?

Here, we see that SPY only performed better than QQQ a small fraction of the time with a maximum of only 50% difference, while being outperformed by -100% or more on average. In some 10-year periods, QQQ even outperformed by more than -300% difference!

Is QQQ actively managed?

They’re also passively managed, making them less expensive than their actively managed counterparts. Choosing the right ETF, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Two of the most popular ETFs are the Invesco QQQ ETF (NASDAQ:QQQ) and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (NYSEMKT:VOO).

Who are the top 10 stock holdings of QQQ?

The top 10 holdings of QQQ, as of Feb. 14, 2018, were: Apple (AAPL): 11.25%. Microsoft (MSFT): 9.17%. Amazon.com (AMZN): 9.15%. Facebook (FB): 5.6%. Alphabet (GOOG) Class C shares: 4.89%. Alphabet (GOOGL) Class A shares: 4.19%. Intel (INTC): 2.78%.

How many stocks are in the Invesco QQQ ETF?

The top 10 stocks in the Invesco QQQ ETF made up about 56% of all QQQ holdings as of Sept. 30, 2020. They are given in the table below. 2 

What are the different sectors of the QQQ?

They include the information technology (IT), communications services, consumer discretionary, healthcare, consumer staples, industrials, and utility sectors. The QQQ is rebalanced quarterly and reconstituted annually. Please note that some companies that people associate with technology are generally classified in other sectors.

Is the QQQ a good investment in a bear market?

On the downside, QQQ usually declines more in bear markets, has high sector risk, often appears overvalued, and holds no small-cap stocks. What Is the Invesco QQQ ETF?

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