What is the Gatebox?

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What is the Gatebox?

“Gatebox” is a character summoning device developed to allow you to live together with characters.

How much is a Gatebox?

Gatebox is a character summoning device which allows users to live with their favorite characters….Release Information.

Price ¥150,000(plus tax)
How to Buy Buy it on the Gatebox official website (https://www.gatebox.ai)
Release Date October 11, 2019 (Fri.)

Is Gatebox real?

Gatebox is a communication device to live with virtual characters. Through projection technology and an array of sensors, a virtual character can talk to you with affection as a real human. Gatebox has an array of sensors: motion sensor, heat sensor, camera, and microphone.

Is Gatebox in English?

The Gatebox has a microphone and a camera because you operate it using your voice. For now, it will respond only to Japanese; the company making Gatebox says it’s exploring other language options. Considering that units are available for both Japan and the US, we’d guess that an English-language option is in the works.

How does Gatebox hologram work?

Gatebox can connect to Wi-Fi enabled smart devices through infrared sensors, allowing devices to be activated based on the user’s movement. Users can also communicate with their holographic avatar through text chat or by pressing a button on the device.

How does the Gatebox hologram work?

What is Azuma Hikari?

Azuma Hikari (逢妻 ヒカリ?) is a virtual assistant character for the Gatebox Virtual Home Robot system.

Who created Gatebox?

By way of a quick recap, the Gatebox was originally developed by a Japanese firm called Vinclu, which launched a limited run of 300 units in 2016, priced at the equivalent of around $2,670 each. It followed up a year later with another run of 39 units before Line acquired a majority stake in the company.

Who is the best Waifu?

Top 10 List – Best Waifu in Anime

  • Tsubasa Hanekawa, Monogatari Series.
  • Irisviel von Einzbern, Fate/Zero.
  • Lacia, Beatless.
  • Saber/Altria Pendragon, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works & Today’s Menu for Emiya’s Family.
  • Mai Sakurajima, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Senpai.
  • Asuna Yuuki, Sword Art Online.

What’s the price of the gatebox holographic assistant?

Now it looks like it will launch in a Japanese version first and will sell for ¥298,000, or about $2600 (USD) in December 2017. There will apparently be an English version of the Gatebox later, but with shipping it comes to around $3,000.

How big is the gatebox Grande hologram display?

Japan ‘s Gatebox has taken its personal holographic smart asssitant to new heights with the unveiling of the Gatebox Grande AI hologram. Now sized with adult proportions, the smart hologram is presented in a 65-inch 4k OLED display and can now be used for larger applications like as a digital concierge or as an information center for a mall.

Who is the female character in gatebox holographic AI?

The hologram sees the same style of female anime character (named Azuma Hikari) which can be “summoned” by voice or proximity activation where it has a number of gestures, facial expressions, and voice tones to give off much of a realistic interaction as possible.

Is there a holographic AI Waifu for gatebox?

Please try again later. Japan ‘s Gatebox has taken its personal holographic smart asssitant to new heights with the unveiling of the Gatebox Grande AI hologram.

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