What is the name of CHF3?

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What is the name of CHF3?

Trifluoromethane | CHF3 – PubChem.

What is the boiling point of CHF3?

-82.1 °C
Fluoroform/Boiling point

Where does Hexafluoroethane come from?

The primary aluminium and the semiconductor manufacturing industries are the major emitters of hexafluoroethane using the Hall-Héroult process. Together with trifluoromethane it is used in refrigerants R508A (61%) and R508B (54%).

What is the shape of fluoroform?


Molecular shape Tetrahedral
Main hazards Nervous system depression

Is CHF3 tetrahedral?

The shape of the molecule CHF3 has a tetrahedral shape, given the central atom forms single bonds with four atoms at a given time. All fluorine atoms have nonbonding or lone pairs of electrons.

Is CHF3 soluble in water?

CHF3 and water are soluble because they are both polar molecules (Like-Dissolves-Like). CHF3 has a tetrahedral geometry but is not symmetric so it has a dipole moment.

Is CHF3 a halocarbon?

Sold by the Lb./Kg. – Any quantity custom filled. A colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas.

Is C2F6 toxic?

The mixture is nonflammable and nontoxic, though asphyxiation may occur because of displacement of oxygen. Under prolonged exposure to fire or intense heat the containers may rupture violently and rocket.

Is Hexafluoroethane a greenhouse gas?

Hexafluoroethane (C2F6, PFC-116) has an atmospheric lifetime of 10 000 years and a GWP100 of 9200 (Burkholder et al., 2019), making it the most potent PFC, and fourth most potent greenhouse gas, listed under the Kyoto basket in terms of its GWP100.

What is the hybridization of CHF3?

The hybridization the carbon atom in CH3F is sp3. We know this because of the tetrahedral arrangement of atoms around the carbon. The fluorine atom is also sp3 hybridized.

Is CHF3 polar or nonpolar?

In CF4, you are correct. The molecules is perfectly symmetrical, so every electron pair on each fluorine cancels out the electron pairs of every other fluorine. For this reason, this molecule is non-polar.

Which is the chemical compound with the formula CHF3?

Fluoroform is the chemical compound with the formula CHF3. It is one of the “haloforms”, a class of compounds with the formula CHX3 (X = halogen).

Which is the correct formula for fluoroform CHF 3?

Fluoroform is the chemical compound with the formula CHF 3. It is one of the “haloforms”, a class of compounds with the formula CHX 3 (X = halogen) with C 3v symmetry. Fluoroform is used in diverse applications in organic synthesis. It is not an ozone depleter but is a greenhouse gas.

How is CHF3 used in the semiconductor industry?

CHF3 is used in the semiconductor industry in plasma etching of silicon oxide and silicon nitride. Known as R-23 or HFC-23, it is also a useful refrigerant, sometimes as a replacement for chlorotrifluoromethane (cfc-13) and is a byproduct of its manufacture.

Which is a precursor of CF 3 Si?

Fluoroform is a precursor of the Ruppert-Prakash reagent CF 3 Si (CH 3) 3, which is a source of the nucleophilic CF 3− anion. Atmospheric concentration of HFC-23 vs. similar man-made gases (right graph), log scale. CHF 3 is a potent greenhouse gas.

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